Friday, July 1, 2011

The rest of our vacation

Here are some pictures of the second half of our week.  It was just as busy and we crammed in so much - and still didn't get to see everyone we wanted to.

Thursday night we had dinner at my sisters and my Momo, Pop and Aunt Jane came over to see the kiddos.
The cousins all had a lot of fun playing together.  And Sawyer was really happy to be somewhere with a lot of toys.
Here he is giving Harp a kiss.

The best we could get.

Friday morning we went looking at bridesmaids dresses with Sarah.  Her and Jon are getting married next April -- so excited about it.  Here she is with her bridesmaids.

And her with her mom and soon to be mom in law.

She already feels like a sister!

Then Friday night was my 10 year high school reunion.  It is crazy to think it has already been 10 years.  But it was SO much fun and so neat to see everyone and catch up.

We met Whit and Beau for dinner beforehand.  I didn't take my camera in so I didn't get anymore pictures but it was a blast.

Then Saturday morning was Colton's 5th birthday party.  We were so excited to be home for it.  It was at Pump It Up and I knew Sawyer would love being able to play and I was right.  Actually I think we all loved it.

And I finally got to meet my newest nephew, Cason.  He is so adorable!!  I'm in love with his hair.

We all took turns going down with the kids...and let me just say, those slides are fast.  BeLLa and I both ended up leaving some skin on the slide.  But it was worth it.

Crash landing.

Saw was loving it.

BeLLa and Harp.

Me and Saw.

Shan and Hen.

Look at his face.  Seriously, loving it!

Brian and Colton.

Candy and Saw.

Trying to get a pic of all the kiddos.

Sawyer and the birthday boy.

Sweet Cason.

We had dinner at Keith's parents house Saturday night.  Sawyer had fun playing and chasing Colton around.

And I tried to hold this sweet guy -- but it was cut short because someone threw the biggest fit ever!  I'm pretty sure I'll be having to carry 2 babies around come August.

At the airport bright and early Sunday morning.

He finally gave it up and slept some on the plane.  He is so sweet.

It was a great week.  But it felt so nice to get back home.  I needed to come home to rest.  Now it's time to buckle down and get ready for this baby.  8 weeks and counting!


BeLLa said...

yep, another whirlwind visit, but so worth it. i'm so glad you and shan talked me into going to the bday party to 'help' with the kids....i had as much fun as they did (minus the microdermabrasion on my elbow). have you really been out of high school ten years? xoxo

Amanda said...

SO sad that we didn't get to see each otehr, but obviously you had your hands full and a jam-packed week! You looked so pretty for your reunion and I can't believe we ahve been out for 10 years already! Love you, miss you!