Friday, August 12, 2011

The nursery...finally!

Let's start with just a few before's.  This is the dresser we bought off of Craigslist.  It's an awesome sturdy piece but needed some TLC.

Getting ready to paint -- with a little helper.  Finding a shade of gray is hard.  Like 4 samples and 2 paint jobs hard.

But eventually we got the gray right so we moved on to the accent wall.

Trying to measure out a chevron stripe proved to be a little harder than you think.  But luckily, I am persistant and Keith is good with math so we finally got it.

And it's finally finished.

Okay, I'm going to do my best to link back to where everything came from or the tutorial I used to make it.

Chevron Fabric - Michael Miller - ordered from here - it took me a while to find it.  Obviously this was the inspiration for the whole room!  Love it!  The other fabrics (gray linen and white minky) are from Joann's.
Dresser - Craigslist $60 - but then a lot of love poured into it by Keith.  Thanks Keith!
Crib - Graco Lauren from Wal-Mart -- thanks Dad & Kathy.
Cornice Boards - already posted about here
Bassinet - we used it with Saw - just changed some things.  It originally came from JC Penny and my mom made the bedding.  Thanks Mom!  He will sleep in this in our room for the first few months.
Coming home gown - made by my Mom -same one Saw wore home.
Large Frame - Keith made with molding from Home Depot and we spray painted chicken wire and stapled it to the back -- I can't remember where I saw the original idea of a chicken wire frame but they are all over the internet now.  Love them.  We'll add more pictures/fun stuff to this as time goes on.
Big letters - ordered from  here - great customer service by the way.  And then I used fabric from Joann's and mod pog to cover them.
Pennant Bunting - paint samples from Home Depot (I'm sure this is frowned upon) cut into triangles and just sewn together.  I saw this idea originally online somewhere too.  Super cute and free!
Rocker - a very special hand me down from my great grandmother Dawson.  I'm pretty sure my granddad was rocked in this rocker!  We used it in Saw's room too.  So special that all my babies will be rocked in this chair!
End table - ordered from Amazon here -- great price and I like that it has a little drawer.
Crib Bedding - made by my Mom -- and I helped a little.
Changing pad cover - made using this tutorial
Frames are from Goodwill and painted
Art - designed using picnik and this tutorial
Pinwheel mobile - made using this tutorial

Whew, I think that's mostly it.  Thank God for the Internet or this room would be pretty sad.  I love how everything turned out and I can't wait for him to be here so I can show him his special room!  And of course, there will be  a few more things added once he's here. 


Jess said...

Wow it turned out so cute! (Of course!) You are so dang crafy! :)

Amanda said...

I am completely in LOVE with this room! I am taking notes on what all ideas I am going to steal from you for our little ones...chicken wire frame-check! :) I know Graham will love his room!

BeLLa said...

tipper, the nursery is awesome. You and keith are a great decorating team. my favs are the mobile (love!) all the pics you made and of course the bedding *ha*! the only thing that missing is precious baby graham. love you more...see yall soon! xoxo

Kathy Jo said...

Oh Tiff!!! The room is beautiful!!! Both of your boys rooms are designed from your heart! Graham will love his room!! I just love that Keith helps you with your ideas and the love that goes into them!

Counting the days!! I can't wait to meet the newest addition to our family!!

Much love to you ALL!

morgan823 said...

Love it, absolutely precious!!!!

eronmiller said...

Graham's room is absolutely precious, you are so creative and crafty and you and your husband make a great team! I adore the colors and bedding and the bassinet, everything looks great! I wish you the very best and will be praying for a healthy delivery, baby and recovery, can't wait to see pictures!!!