Thursday, August 18, 2011

quick update

The official countdown is on!

We have been enjoying our week.  We've had lots of family time and it's been so nice.  Sawyer had his 18 month check up yesterday and it was good.  One of his eyes has been a little red and watery and she thought it might be a touch of pink eye - she wasn't sure but to be safe with the baby coming we started drops and it already looks so much better.  Trying to get the drops in his eye is a challenge!  Other than that he is completely healthy and thriving and we are so thankful!

His official stats:
weight - 26 lbs. - 52%
height - 32 inches - 50%
head circum. - 19 inches - 65%


Amanda said...

Can't believe he's already almost here! Let's talk soon before you are a mother of 2!

BeLLa said...

so so happy to finally be at your house and get some hugs......and to welcome baby graham. so glad saw got a good check-up. xoxo