Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day weekend...

We had a great Labor Day weekend.  The highlight was definitely college football starting back.  So exciting.  Football season and fall are my favorite time of year. 

Graham helped cheer on the tigers.  And we luckily pulled out a win.  It was a close one.

Saw enjoying some game time snacks.

The weather was awesome.  It cooled off a ton and was so nice outside.  It was really windy Sunday so we decided to check another item off the summer list and fly a kite.

I asked Sawyer to get by brother so I could take a pic and this is what I got.  He sat down on the edge of the bouncy.  Ha.

Graham slept through most of the weekend activities.

My mom made monkey bread for breakfast one was yummy.  Saw loved it!

We took a walk - a first for Graham and our first time using our new double stroller.  I love it! (Thanks Dad and Kathy).  It is a little big but it so easy to steer.  I love that we can put the car seat in there for now - because it would be a pain to wake Graham up every time we went somewhere to put him in the stroller.  But when he's bigger he'll ride in a seat like Sawyer.  I also love that the seats can face either direction - there are 6 different seating options including facing each other which I think they will enjoy later.

More snoozing...tough life!

This child loves being outside -- seriously, he would stay out there all day if we let him.  So, he is loving all the walks!


H2's Mommy said...

I love Saw's sweet and happy smile in the pic of you, mom and the boys! He's so cute! Your stroller matches your car seat perfect! Glad you like it! You're newest little tiger is pretty cute too! LY all!

Kathy Jo said...

WOW! That stroller is like the Mercedes of strollers!!! :) Who knew strollers could be so versatile!!

Those boys are seriously the cutest things EVER!! I could comment on all of the pictures but I'll just comment on three...
Graham with the shaker should be put in Auburn's program for all to see, Sawyers look in the pic with the food looks like he was caught stealing something, and the family picture is priceless!! They are all wonderful!! And it lookes like the kite making was just as fun as the kite flying!!

Much love to you all!

Amanda said...

I want that stroller! That is awesome! Your boys are precious! We need to talk soon...miss you!

Allison said...

Your boys are sooo precious!