Sunday, September 4, 2011

See any resemblence?

Just a little, right?!

I told Keith that this time instead of hearing "oh, he looks just like Keith" I get to hear "oh, he looks just like Sawyer".  =)  Love it!


H2's Mommy said...

So sweet of both of them and yes they do look alike! I had forgotten just how cute Sawyer was as a little baby! You have some handsome boys! Must get all their good looks from their Mommy's side...right?!?

Kathy Jo said...

OOOOH MYYY!!!! I KNEW they looked alike but WOW!!! I was waiting to see when you could post on their "similarities" and was so excited to see this!

They both are precious, precious little boys that I love so very much!

Much love to you all!!

BeLLa said...

Graham looks so much like Sawyer except darker (and more) hair. Can't wait to see dark hair/blue eyes like his mommy. xoxo