Monday, October 24, 2011

2 months!

Dear Graham,

You are 2 months old.  I can hardly believe it!  You are a sweet, sweet, baby.  And I am soaking up all the sweet little baby moments...because they are going by fast!

You are starting to smile more and more.  You are also starting to coo and you laughed for the first time last week (at your Aunt Shan).  Your smiles melt my heart!

You are not the same quiet baby I wrote about last month.  You have become really noisy.  Especially when you nurse.  You grunt and squeak and carry on whenever you are awake.  It's pretty funny.

And you are staying awake more and more.  You are very alert and are really strong. 

You still nurse every 3-4 hours.  But the last few nights you've gone 5 hours at night and it's been wonderful.  I think we've both needed the sleep after our busy week at home last week.

You took your first plane ride last week to Birmingham and you did awesome.  I wore you in the sling and you slept pretty much the entire time. 

You are in size 1 diapers and wearing 0-3 month clothes.

We had your 2 month check up today and you did awesome.  Of course, the shots are so sad but you quit crying as soon as I scooped you up.  You are perfectly healthy and I thank God for that daily!

Your official stats:
weight - 12.12 - 75% percentile (and also exactly what your big brother weighed at 2 months)
height - 22 in - 17% percentile
head circ - 15.23 - 26% percentile

You are growing so fast and changing everyday.  You are my sweet little baby and are so precious to me.

I love you more than you can ever imagine!

Here are some pictures of you at 2 months:

Your adorable little grin!


BeLLa said...

i can't believe Gra is already 2 months. He is adorable! I agree his smiles are precious. xoxo

Jess said...

I can't believe it has been 2 months! He is so precious! (and he looks like you!!)