Monday, October 3, 2011

Graham's newborn pictures

I'm way behind on sharing Graham's newborn pics but I love them!  We took them when he was 1 week old and he's 6 weeks today.  Hard to believe!  He has already changed so much.

These are some of my favorites...

Big thanks to my mom for crocheting this super cute newsboy hat and diaper cover!

Man, that's a good looking baby! ;)


Amanda said...

Ya'll do make good looking babies! I am in love with the sock monkey ones...precious! You look amazing by the way adn I hate you! :) you!

Kathy Jo said...

Love those pics!!! I really like the one of him on the little bed...he kinda looks like he's thinking "what is going on here!!" !! :) I agree with amanda...ya'll make gooood looking babies! What a beautiful family picture!!

Much love to you all!

H2's Mommy said...

One word...adorable! You look pretty too!