Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our trip home...part 1

We had a wonderful week at home.  It was busy but we were able to spend time with so many people that we love.  And introduce Graham to those people too.  Lots of sweet memories made and of course I had my camera out to capture them.  I took way too many pictures so it is going to take a couple of posts to share them all.  Below are some from the first part of the week.

Me and my boys!
Graham was able to meet his Uncle Brian, Aunt Candy and cousins Colton and Cason.  Aunt Candy and Cason were already gone when I pulled my camera out so I don't have any pictures of them. =(

giving Colton a high five....with his tongue out!
two peas in a pod...

my Momo in heaven, loving on graham.
We stayed at my sisters for a few nights and we felt so loved!

These two kiddos were a mess!  Sawyer is apparently a biter and he got Henley good on the arm.  Bless her heart!  Her and Harper just want to love on him and he just wants to push them and bite.  Made for a long week of referring...but there were some really sweet moments too, I promise!

My Aunt Jane and Graham

My Pops entertaining the kids...

These girls are so sweet and precious to me!  Harper was my buddy all week and I loved it!

Trying our best for a picture of all the cousins...

And one with BeLLa

My little helper and me giving Gra a bath.

Tuesday we went over to my friend Whitney's.  I was finally able to meet her newest little guy, Finn and see Fearing and their new house.  We had a great time.  It was a little chaotic with 5 kids 2 and under but I was so glad to be able to see them all!

Finn and Graham. 5 months apart.

Fearing and Sawyer. 6 months apart.

Us with our boys. 
Whit and I have been friends for a long time and it is so neat now with us both having 2 boys so close together.  I know they will all be best buddies too.  I wish we got to hang out with them more!

I was also able to see another great friend, Brandy.  She came over to my sisters to visit for a while and meet Graham.  It was so good catching up with her.  She is going to welcome her first baby in February.  I'm so excited for her and know she will be an awesome mom! I can't wait for Greyson to be here!!

And last but certainly not least, Amanda came to visit and eat dinner with us.  I loved seeing her and catching up.  I'm also so glad she got to meet Graham and see Sawyer for a while.  I'm hoping that holding baby Graham helped kick in her baby fever!  Because her and Mitch sure will make some pretty babies!!

love you buddy!

Shan was feeling crafty Tuesday night so talked us into making a burlap turkey wreath.  I was feeling tired.  Ha!  We decided around midnight that this was a 2 night project.

Shan and Saw having a good time playing together.

All enjoying some yogurt.  And Hen sneaking in a hug.

this little guy was spoiled rotten all week.  I don't think he was sat down longer than 5 minutes...which suited him just fine.

And when he was sat down his cousins made sure he had some company.

Saw was invited to his first tea party....

Ms. E and Mr. Joe came to visit and had a blast playing with the kids and holding Graham.

Hen was pretty fascinated with Graham.  She loved holding him and talking to him and giving him kisses.  It was so sweet.

Wednesday night we stayed up until 2:45 to finish our turkeys.  But we were fueled with fries and milkshakes that Eron brought us.

But I think it was worth it.  They turned out great and it was so fun.

We got lots of smiles out of this guy.  I think he liked all the attention.

Keith's parents came to visit again Thursday afternoon. 
Sawyer and Granddaddy playing cars.

And Grandmama holding Graham.

Morgan and her cute little family came by to hang out for a while.

I spent a lot time doing this at Shan's.  Saw loved riding in this car.

Man, that was a long one....I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from our last weekend at home.


morgan823 said...

Love all the pictures! So glad I got to come by and see yall.

eronmiller said...

What a great post and so many cute pictures, it was great seeing you and so glad I got to meet Graham and hold him he's pure sweetness!! I had a great time making our Turkey's I hope you've caught up on some sleep :)