Friday, October 14, 2011

A trip to the fair.

We headed to the state fair last week and had the best time!

I wanted to take a picture of all my guys before we left.  But someone didn't want to cooperate.  

We hit up the petting zoo first.  Saw loves animals so this was a big hit.
 He didn't really want to pet them but he waved at them like crazy!

And pointed them all out to us.

There was a birthing center and it was so neat.  It had all kinds of mama's and new babies.  This piggy mommy had 15 babies two days earlier.  They were so cute!

Gra (pronounced like Gray for those wondering...a nickname he's picked up) just snoozing away.

Then we headed to the cattle barn.

We hung out here for a while and watched the cattle being shown.

Then it was time for dinner.  My favorite thing about the fair is all the food.  Delicious!

And then a little dessert.

Somebody sure enjoyed it!

And no trip to the fair is complete without a funnel cake.  I ate 3/4 of this and about made my self sick but it was so good I couldn't quit.

We only spent a couple of hours there but could have stayed all day.  There was so much to see and do.  We all really enjoyed it and will definitely be heading back next year.

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H2's Mommy said...

Love the guys in their matching blues! Looks like you all had fun at the fair!