Friday, November 18, 2011

Croup = ER visit, ambulance ride and a hospital stay

Well, we've had an eventful last couple of days.  Here's the run down of what happened and how it went down.

Saw had a snotty nose for a few day but nothing major.  Just your typical start of winter, I'm in daycare snotty nose.  Well, Wednesday morning he seemed a little more congested but nothing too bad and he was acting normal so Keith took him to daycare around 8.  I was hoping for a lazy day because Gra had spent his first night upstairs in his room and I was up with him 5 times so I was pretty tired.  As I'm settling on the couch my phone rings and it's the daycare telling me Saw sounded really wheezy and gaspy.  So, I load up and go get him.  After getting him I decided he did sound a little worse and was developing that barking cough so I called the Dr. and made an appt for 11:15. 

So, we get to the Dr. and just from listening to him as he was being weighed (27.9 lbs) the nurse decided to check his oxygen stats.  It registered at 95, normally it should register around 98.  So, the Dr comes in and listens to him and hears him cough and confirms immediately that he has croup, but a very severe case.  She had us do an albuteral treatment to see if it would help.  Well, he screamed during the whole thing and the treatment didn't help any.  After he finally calmed down he sounded worse.  Like he was literally gasping to breathe.  The nurse came in to re-test his levels and I told her I was worried because he sounded worse.  His levels were now at 94.  After getting all worked up, he finally fell asleep in my arms.  Our pedi (who I love) tells me that she has to send us to the hospital.  That he is working a lot harder to breathe than she feels comfortable with and there is no way she can send us home.  Then the waterworks started.  I couldn't help myself.  I was so scared and felt so helpless for my pitiful baby.  My heart was breaking!    So, I immediately call Keith and tell him to meet us at the Children's Hospital.  In the mean time the Dr. ask me if I'm okay to drive.  I tell her yes, and I was, but after bringing another Dr. in to listen to him they decided we needed to go by ambulance.  She said I may have to follow behind since I had Graham with me.  Ha, over my dead body was my scared 21 month old riding in an ambulance alone while I followed behind!  She said she would go call and make sure I could take Graham in the ambulance.  Well, when she returned she told me that the ambulance was going to take an hour to pick us up so we needed to head over to the ER in Owasso, which is attached to Dr. office, to get Sawyer stabilized (scary word!).  So, I call Keith and fill him in.  So the nurse wheels me and and Sawyer over to the ER in a wheelchair because he is still asleep in my arms.  And our pedi pushes Graham over in the stroller, who has been sleeping soundly during all of this.

Our pedi had called ahead to tell them we were coming so we went straight to a room in the ER.  Keith walked in after that.  He must have been flying because he made it from his office in Tulsa to Owasso in about 1/3 of the time it normally takes.  Our pedi talks to the Dr. and they immediately do an epinephrine breathing treatment.  Which is basically straight adrenaline and they can only do these treatments in the hospital.  And then they give him an oral steroid.  He sounds better almost immediately.  But he was still really puny and really tired and dozing off and on.  Even though he started sounding better they wanted to observe him and still had us go to the Children's Hospital via ambulance.

The ambulance gets there to pick us up and we were able to put Saw's car seat on the stretcher and he could sit in his car seat.  He was pretty scared at this point.  The only saving grace on the ride there was Sesame Street youtube videos.  But he only likes 1 video so we watched it about 36 times!  Our pedi had called ahead and had us a room waiting at Children's.  So, we get there and go straight to our room.  We see the dr there and he tells us they will administer more steroids but basically just be monitoring his oxygen levels.  We got in our room around 2:30 and I got them to bring Saw some chicken nuggets and mac and cheese because he hadn't eaten lunch.  He ate a good bit and drank some milk and then we got him to lay down.  His breathing was sounding a little labored again so the nurse ordered another epi breathing treatment.

Keith and I decided that we would all stay the night together.  There was no way I was leaving Sawyer and Keith didn't really want to either.  Keith could have gone home with Graham and given him bottles but it's just easier to nurse him (he doesn't take a bottle too well...more on that later) so we'll just tough it out together.  Because we are a family and that's what families do!  And it was quite the adventure!

Keith headed home around 4:30 to let poor Coopie out, get us some clothes and bring back dinner.  We spent most of the night entertaining Sawyer who was pretty jacked up after his nightly steroid.  And the night was pretty rough.  Sawyer didn't really get a nap so he was over tired.  He was fighting sleep like it was his job and crying the  whole time.  He was up and down all night, tossing and turning and crying.  Keith and I took turns trying to rock him, walk around the room with him and laying with him.  And Graham got up a couple of times to nurse.  So needless to say we were pretty worn out.

But when we got up yesterday morning everyone was in good spirits, despite only getting a couple of hours of sleep.  Sawyer was doing much better.  Sounded so much better and was finally acting more like himself.  Playing and getting into everything.  He must have called the nurses 10 times by hitting the button.  Ha!

The Dr. finally came by and checked Saw out and said we were good to go home.  Saw's oxygen levels had been around 98 since his second breathing treatment.  He discharged us and prescribed a couple days worth of steroids.  We were finally able to leave around 11am and we couldn't get to the car fast enough!

This all came on so fast it was scary!  But he got better very quickly.  He still has some lingering coughing and congestion but we've definitely turned the corner.  We follow up with our Dr. on Monday.

I'm thankful for a daycare and teachers who are watching my child closely enough to notice him breathing harder than normal.  I'm thankful for our pediatrician, Dr. Harp-Weitz (she even called our room to check on us), the guys in the ambulance and all the dr's and nurses that we saw.  Everyone was so sweet!  I'm thankful for modern medicine.  It's amazing.  I'm thankful for my family and everyone who was praying for us and especially Sawyer.  And I'm most thankful to God for answering those prayers and taking care of my baby.

I'm not sure there is much worse in life than seeing your child sick and in the hospital.  And honestly our little visit wasn't even that bad.  It could have been much worse, it always could.  I knew that Sawyer was going to get better and we were all going to go home together.  Not everyone is that lucky.  I can't imagine.

And of course I took pictures to document Sawyer's first (and hopefully only) hospital stay.  All with my phone so the quality isn't good.

Asleep in daddy's arm in the ER.

Riding in the ambulance.  Keith and Graham followed behind.

In our room at Children's.

Getting his second breathing treatment.  He was considered contagious so everyone that came in our room wore a gown and mask.


He pretty much had his appetite back by dinner.  Pizza, carrots and green beans.

Not even sure you can see this one because it's so dark but it's Graham sleeping.  He slept in the stoller.  The seats recline back all the way and make a little bucket.  He actually slept really good.  Keith and I rotated between the bed with Sawyer, the couch and the recliner.

Morning cartoons.

Little brother was such a trooper!

This window provided lots of entertainment.  I'm sure it's frowned upon to let your child stand in it but we were getting desperate.  You'll do just about anything to cheer up your sick kid...including buy extremely overpriced toys in the gift shop!

Again, desperate to keep him entertained...


Amanda said...

Poor little glad he is feeling better! I love that no matter the situation, you still take pics...even if it's not the most fun of times. Love you all!

BeLLa said...

wow, what an adventure for sure. we were all pretty scared too and helpless that we weren't there to be able to help you. PTL all is well. xoxo

Kathy Jo said...

My prayers were strong and thoughts continuous! We were just wishing we were there to help! Soooo glad he is feeling so much better and praying now that you guys can get a little rest.

Much love to you all!!

Jess said...

So glad he is okay and feeling better! Poor guy!