Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween pictures

Here are some more pictures from Halloween and the couple of days before.

Saw had a Halloween party at school on Friday so we made goodies Thursday night.

little helper

who was way more interested in licking the chocolate than helping.  Don't worry I didn't let him touch any of the goodies after he licked all over his fingers.

our finished spider and mummy cookies.

some decorations

I know my pumpkin wreath should be a lot higher but I was too lazy to move the hook. Ha.

Carving our pumpkin

Man, I love this kid!

Our finished pumpkin

I attempted to take some pictures of the boys together.  This is the best I got so you can imagine how good the others were.  I put Graham in the bumbo and Sawyer threw a fit -- he thinks that is his seat and doesn't like to share.  We are working on that.  Should be really interesting when we start getting out the jumper, walker, etc.

brother was getting a little tired so he isn't holding his head up as good as he can.

sweet baby!!

getting in "his seat"

Orange pumpkin pancakes for breakfast on Halloween...I need to invest in some better food coloring.

and mummy dogs and bloody fingers for dinner

my little fisherman

and his cute little fishy! 
All my boys!  (minus Coopy)

With my babies...

this is more typical.  Saw "honking" brothers nose!

On our way to trunk or treat.  He wasn't letting go of his candy bucket.


He finally got the hang of it and started really liking the fact that he could just walk up and people would give him candy.

This fishy slept most of the time.

Family picture.  Totally out of focus but the only one of all 4 of us.  What do you expect with the camera sitting on the hood of the car and a self timer.

We had a great Halloween.  This whole time of year is so much fun and I'm so excited about the next couple of months.

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Kathy Jo said...

Those are precious, PRECIOUS pictures!!!! Especially love the "honking" one!! HA HA!! I just want to reach through the pictures and kiss all over those boys!!!

Much love to you all!