Friday, November 11, 2011

making memories

It all started with making cookies.  Sawyer is just at an age where he is starting to be helpful and enjoy doing things like this.  If nothing else, I knew he would enjoy eating the m&m's.  And I was right about that.  But he also helped.

It is much more messy making cookies with a 20 month old.  But also much more fun.

Here is the part where I would love to show you the finished cookies and us eating them smiling and talking about how delicious they are.  But about 3 minutes into cooking, the kitchen started filling with smoke.  Who knew that wax paper is not in fact the same as parchment paper (maybe everyone but me knew this?).  And despite what the box says you can not put wax paper in the oven.  The box says great for baking...what it should say is great for baking if completely covered with batter.  So, after a brief temper tantrum (by me, not Sawyer, he was just as happy eating the batter and m&m's) I got over it. 

And realized it wasn't about making cookies, it was about making memories and I wasn't going to let the burning wax paper steal my joy.  It also gave Keith and I a good laugh. 
Lesson learned...about wax paper and memories.


Amanda said...

Ha! This is hysterical and so something I would do! I know Sawyer had fun anyways and you will always think back on this day whenever you go to make cookies agai!n :)

BeLLa said...

hahaha - definitely a memory maker. guess you'll have to make more cookies this weekend. love saw in the bumbo. xoxo

Kathy Jo said...

I'll take the memories over a little wax paper any day!! I especially love his face in the last pic!!! Can a little boy be any more precious than that!!??

Much love to you all!!

morgan823 said...

Too funny! You weren't alone, I wouldn't have thought it was any different from parchment paper either!