Sunday, December 11, 2011

22 months.

Dear Sawyer,

You are 22 months old.  I can't believe "2" is right around the corner.  And you are seeming more like a 2 year old boy  You are adventurous, energetic, sweet and stubborn all rolled in to one.  You are my best little buddy and you make life so much fun!

You weigh around 28 lbs. and are around 33 inches tall.  You are still wearing size 4 diapers and size 6 shoe.  You wear mostly 24 month clothes.  A couple of 18 month pants still fit.

You are talking so much now.  Only one word at a time but I'm amazed everyday at all you know.  And you repeat everything we say.  Your little voice is so sweet and I love hearing you talk to us. 

You are still on the same sleep schedule.  You go to bed around 8:30 and get up around 7am.  You take 1 long nap after lunch, usually around 2.5 - 3 hours.

Current loves: Mickey Mouse, buses, cows, jumping, chips, doughnuts, trucks, outside, cheese dip, milk, reading books, boxes, testing the limits, stickers, choo choos, balls, cushion flipping, giving kisses, pots and pans and you still love your paci and blankie.

You are so independent and insist on doing everything all by yourself.  You can throw a fit with the best of them.  But you are so sweet after you get in trouble, telling us your sorry and giving kisses.  You pretty much have us wrapped around your little finger. 

There is never a dull moment with you.  And we are so thankful for you and all the joy you bring us.  You have blessed us more than you will ever know.

I love you big time!

Here are some pictures you at 22 months:


BeLLa said...

Can't believe that it has been 22 months. He is the cutest little guy. Miss you all. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I thought the "Letters" were no comment day?