Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adios 2011

I really like New Year's.  I like new beginnings...a fresh start...endless possibilities in a new year.  But I'm also sad to see 2011 end.  It was another big year for our family.  We've experienced births the last 2 years...and I'm pretty sure we won't be experiencing that in 2012.  In fact, Keith says he can guarantee it.  Ha!  I told him there are no guarantees in life.  ;)

But as the year closes I can't help but reflect back on how awesome 2011 was.

A few of my favorites memories include:
Watching Auburn win a National Championship.
Celebrating Sawyer turning 1.
Announcing Sawyer was going to be a big brother.
And finding out we were having a BOY!
Keith turned the big 30 and I threw him a surprise party.
Sawyer took his first trip to the beach.
Checking off our summer list.
Halloween with our two boys.
Our 1st hospital visit. (okay, this wasn't a favorite but a big event, none the less)

We were blessed with an amazing year. 

I know 2012 will be fantastic too! Already lots of exciting things in store. 2 trips home, someone turns 2 and a wedding ~ and that's just the first 4 months.  I'm looking forward to watching my boys grow and creating more memories with them.  So bring it on 2012!

Thought I would close out the year with some phone pics from the last month or so...


BeLLa said...

i think it was a pretty awesome year too, and i'm so thankful i was able to ring in 2012 with you & shan and my precious granddarlings. also thankful that you take time to blog so we can feel connected. love you tipper!

H2's Mommy said...

I think you should have another baby! ;)