Monday, December 19, 2011

our decked halls

We decorated right after Thanksgiving and I've been meaning to share pictures ever since. 

It's been interesting this year.  Sawyer loves the "tree" and the "lights".  He also loves pulling off the ornaments...thank God for super glue.  We've only broken 3 so far...and if you knew what we were dealing with every day then you would know that's pretty good.

This tree is in our dining room.

Ornament garland inspired by pinterest.

stocking holders also inspired from pinterest.

Our main tree in our den.  We went with colored lights last year and I love them just as much this year.  So fun.

And the outside...

It looks great and I can't take any credit for it...the outside was all Keith.



ohsewcute said...

Love all of your decorations and your craftiness. Eddie did a great job on the outside. Really love the lights on the ground around the snowman.

Miss you bunches! xoxo

Kathy Jo said...

Your house is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I've said it before Tiff, but your writing is AWESOME!! It makes me smile and giggle!!! I know your house is so much fun at Christmas with two sweet boys!!!

Much love!!!

eronmiller said...

Everything looks so pretty, hope you and your sweet family has a Merry Christmas!!!