Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a visit with Santa and Christmas greetings

We ventured out last weekend to see Santa.
Off topic, but I think Graham and Saw look a lot a like in this picture.

He likes Santa from a distance and kept saying "ho, ho, ho" but he wasn't really a fan of Santa trying to talk to him.

Little brother was a little unsure too...

But there weren't any tears so I would consider that a success!

And I finally got all our Christmas cards sent out. 

Love this picture.  And considering it was taken with a remote in our front yard makes me love it even more.  It's already framed big in our den.


Kathy Jo said...

All of your pictures are beautiful but I, too, love this last pic and think a framed one would look my house too! ;)

Yea for no tears visiting Santa!!

I think Graham looks like Sawyer BUT I think he looks a little more like you than Keith!

Beautiful family!!!!!

Much love to you all!

BeLLa said...

glad you did the family Santa pic too. you will have as much fun going back and seeing how much you and keith change as well as the boys.

i love the pic for the Christmas card and already have it framed too! xoxo

dlmjackson said...

Love all the pics! Love your blog, too! Thanks for sharing!