Monday, January 30, 2012

playing, cleaning and snuggling...

is what our weekend mostly consisted of and I have the pictures to prove it.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


January is proving to be busier than I remember in the past.  And if the next few weeks are any indication, it's not slowing down anytime soon.  I'm feeling a little stretched.  But really, isn't everybody?!  I know everything will get checked off my long to do list, it always does.   
This monkey is turning 2 in a couple of weeks.  It may take a while for me to get used to saying that...I have a 2 year old.  A healthy, beautiful 2 year old.  I repeat that often because the moments of his misbehaving are becoming more frequent.  I know it's the age and it too will pass but I'm learning they don't call them the terrible two's for nothing.  But there are moments in between his wildness and fit throwing where he is so sweet and so funny and so darn cute that it takes all I have not to squeeze his guts out and smother him with kisses.  Which is, usually, precisely what I do.  

 Gram-a-lam (one of his many nicknames) is so sweet.  And he is getting heavy.  I would know because it is rare for him to be anywhere other than my arms when we are together.  But I love it and trust me, there are no objections from him.  I'm not even sure I would know what to do with 2 free hands between the hours of 4pm-8:30pm.  Lucky for me, I have a constant reminder of how quickly he will turn into a rambunctous, independant little boy.  So, I'm taking all the cuddles I can get!

My most favorite Christmas gift.  Because it is stamped with the hands and feet of my most favorite little boys. 

Keith is out of town, he'll be back tomorrow...and I will be out of town for 2 nights next week.  Solo parenting is never easy.  But oddly enough, it also leaves me feeling very capable as a mommy.   This will be my first time away since having Graham.  I am already homesick and Keith is already terrified.  Ha!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st bath together...

We don't bathe them together every night but a couple weeks ago I was bathing Graham and Sawyer was trying to climb in the tub so I put him in. 

Sweet Graham...he was pretty happy go lucky. 

Sawyer being silly.  I couldn't get a good picture of just him - he wouldn't take the duck out of his mouth.  He thought it was pretty neat taking a bath with brother.  It works great until we are all finished.  Sawyer insists on being carried to his room after bath and it's hard to carry 2 at once.  But Keith, being the great daddy he is, comes to the rescue.  Which suits Sawyer since he wants Daddy to do everything now.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Graham || 5 months

Dear Graham,

You are 5 months old -- that no longer sounds like a brand new baby to me...but yet you still feel like my "little" baby.  I'm in no hurry for you to grow up and get bigger.  You are such a sweet, happy little guy!

You are really starting to interact and "play" more.  You will reach for toys and hold them and chew on them.  You are starting to try and sit up but are still pretty wobbly.  You still like your swing and nap in it still.  You also really like the bumbo and your jumper.  But, honestly you spend most of your time in my arms -- I just can't help myself.  You are also starting to jibber jabber more and more.

Still only breastmilk for you.  You nurse 4 times a day and take 2 bottles at daycare - usually around 6 oz. each.  Schedule goes like this: nurse in the morning around 6:45, bottles around 10 and 2 at daycare, nurse around 5:30 and then before bed around 8:30.  You go to bed around 8:30-9 and wake up to nurse around 4am and then go right back to sleep until I wake you up to get ready for daycare.  It's not bad and I know we are really close to going all night - you've already done it a few times.  You are a much better sleeper than your brother was at this age.

You are wearing 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.  You weigh around 16 1/2 lbs and around 26.5 inches long.  It seems like you are literally growing right before my eyes.

You take a paci some but you definitely aren't attached.  If you spit it out you just start sucking on your middle two fingers.  It's pretty funny.  And you usually don't fall asleep with it at night.

You are so smiley and you brighten up our lives.  We are so thankful for every ounce of you!

I love you little brother!

Here are some pictures of you at 5 months:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nonnie & Popsy visit

Finally some pictures of Nonnie and Popsy's visit.
They came to visit after New Year's and we had a fantastic time.  The boys loved all the extra attention and I know Nonnie & Popsy enjoyed it too.

They brought more gifts with them.  We can feel the love...even from 600 miles away.  Our families are awesome!

This truck has been a hit!

We got lucky and the weather was really nice!

We were all sad to see them go but know they will be back very soon!

Monday, January 16, 2012

feeling better...

I'm happy to report that we are on the mend. Graham is doing a lot better. He slept really good the past couple of nights and is getting back to his smiley, happy self. Praise God! I missed my happy guy. And so far Sawyer hasn't caught his bug so I'm hopeful he will avoid it.

We had a nice weekend of recuperating.  And I didn't pick up my camera at all....except to take some pictures of Sawyer for his birthday invitations.  We are in full on birthday planning mode because according to the calendar I'm about to have a 2 year old!  I would argue that but the amount of destruction he creates also agrees with the calendar.  In a 30 minute span yesterday morning, he tore the door off of my jewelry armoire, knocked over and broke a lamp and tore up 2 books.  Right before the lamp came crashing down I was literally observing the war zone that was the living room - thinking wow - this was created by 1 little boy and we have another one right behind him.  Can only imagine the damage 2 of them will do.  But I wouldn't trade it for a second. God Bless our mess and the boys who create it! 

A few pictures from the weekend that I snapped with my phone.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

sick little monkey

I've been meaning to post - I have lots to share but, we've been busy...with the sickies. And getting very little sleep.  Graham has RSV and a double ear's pitiful.  Cooper has a bladder infection, Saw's been biting, blah, blah, blah.  Just life!

So far, we've made 2 trips to the Dr and will be doing breathing treatments for the next 24 hours and then we'll go back to Dr. tomorrow for another re-check.  We'll be okay, but if you don't mind, say a prayer for my little buddy.

And of course, you all know I believe in documenting it all - the good, the bad and the sick so here are a couple of pictures.

He may be sick but he's as cute as ever!!

Hopefully, the fog will lift soon.