Monday, February 6, 2012

already celebrating

Sawyer turns 2 on Friday and we are heading back home to celebrate his little life with family and friends.  We have a party planned for Saturday morning and a small family get together on Friday as well.  But we decided we wanted to go ahead and give him his presents from us since they wouldn't be making the trip home.  Well, one will ~ portable dvd player. 

I figured if we were doing gifts we might as well do cupcakes.  After all, birthdays are a big deal.  It's his birth day.  Two years and two babies later and I've learned that you love your children so intensely, so completely, so purely, so unconditionally that nothing can ever shake it.  And that needs to be celebrated!


morgan823 said...

Precious, precious pictures!! Is that a remote control train yall got him? Brooks would love it!

Kathy Jo said...

He is just SO PRECIOUS!!!! Two years old...time does fly! Oh, and he loves trains...WHAT FUN!!! I can't wait to see you seems like forever but just a month. Luvin my litle Sawyer Smile for the day!!!

Much love to you all!!!