Thursday, February 16, 2012

celebrating barnyard style ~ saw's 2nd birthday party

Sawyer's birthday party was a blast.  But honestly it was little bit of a blur to me.  It went by so fast but it was so great to see all of our family and friends and get to visit with everyone.  As fast as it went by I still managed to take over 200 pictures -- thanks Mom for capturing some as well.  And Jon for being the official videographer.  I told him one day I'll repay the favor...except I'll probably be chasing 4 kids by the time he has his first so that may not be possible.

I love planning parties -- and I especially love planning them for my babies.  Sawyer is really into cows and farm animals right now so I decided on a barnyard theme.  I also decided to do a brunch.  The foods we had are some of Sawyer's favorite and the morning is just a better time for him. 

A whole lot of love went in to this party.  But he was worth every second spent planning, creating, making, etc.  After all, you only turn 2 once, right? 

Enjoy the pictures!


morgan823 said...

So precious!! You made it so cute! I love their outfits too!

Whitney said...

It was A lot of fun!! We love you guys and had so much fun getting to see!!

Jess said...

Awww how cute! Happy Birthday to Sawyer! I can't believe he is already 2. The party looks like it was great.

BeLLa said...

tipper, you did a fantastic job of planning and organizing an awesome birthday party for saw. everyone had such a great time and i loved going back through your pics. XoXo