Friday, February 3, 2012

January ~ phone pics

I was reading somewhere recently about the mom being the "family memory keeper" and I couldn't agree more.  Thanks to my phone, I'm able to capture a lot of little ordinary moments that may otherwise be missed.  And the ordinary is what I want to remember the most.  It seems easier to remember big moments and special occasions.  But I don't want to forget playing catch with Sawyer on a random Thursday afternoon, how when Graham smiles right now he sticks out his little tongue or how beautiful the sunrise was on my way to work one morning.

  And I know one day someone other than me will appreciate all my efforts. Right?!

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Kathy Jo said...

You are so right!!! I, for one, appreciate your pictures and most of all your blog! As I have said before your words take me to Oklahoma and right there with you in the moment. Those precious picture make me smile every day..even the days you don't post, I look a couple of times at the pictures to see a Sawyer smile and a Graham grin!

I am counting the days!!!!

Much love to you all!!!