Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sawyer's birthday

We had a great time at home celebrating and visiting with family and friends.  And it's no surprise that I have lots of pictures to share but it will take me a couple of days.

I'll start with last Friday.  We got up early to head home.  As in our flight left at 6am and we woke up around 3:15 early.  Both boys did awesome on the flights.  They both slept some and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse kept Sawyer entertained when he started getting restless. 

Once we landed, we went to breakfast with my mom, sister and the girls - who made his day by giving him a balloon {which I accidentally let go off when trying to get Graham back in his car seat}.  Then it was nap time for the boys and I headed to the grocery store with Shan and Harp to get all the goodies that I needed for the party Saturday.

Since Friday was Sawyer's actual birthday, we planned a little family get together that night at my sister's new house.  Pizza, salad and cupcakes.  It was fun just getting to just hang out and letting the kids play.  Keith's family was there too but I didn't start snapping pictures until after they left.  It gets hectic trying to take pictures with so much going on.  And my main focus was trying to keep Sawyer from destroying their new house.  I promise, we hadn't been there 2 minutes and he had already climbed on their coffee table.  And their play room didn't stand a chance. 

But it was lots of fun.  Enjoy the pictures.

And I am officially eating even more words.  I'm not a fan of themed stuff - but the older Sawyer gets the more he loves it.  And he shrieked "choo choo" about 100 times while on the plate aisle in Target.  So, I figured,  why not.  After all, it's his birthday.   

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BeLLa said...

We had such a great time this weekend - just wish they didn't go by so fast. Can't wait to see all of the pics this week. xoxo