Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tired...but smiling

We haven't slept much the past 3 nights.  Graham has a cold and has been up a lot coughing.  I'm not sure what was wrong with Sawyer last night but he woke up crying a couple times so we finally brought him down to our bed.  It was the first time he's slept with us (besides from when he was a baby) and while there were about 3 seconds of sweet cuddles there were about 3 hours of being hit, kicked, woken up, etc.  Every time Graham would make a noise or cough Sawyer would hear him over the monitor and start crying.  Guess he was confused.  He kept wanting me to bring Graham down so I finally did about 3:30.  All four (5 if you count Coop) lasted about 30 minutes.  They were both so distracted that neither one would go to sleep.  Graham finally ended up in the swing asleep and Sawyer finally fell back asleep around 5.  Then my alarm went off at 5:50.  I need some caffeine!

Keith leaves today for another out of town trip.  I bet he's looking forward to a quiet hotel room and a bed to himself. 

But, let's end that little story on a positive note.  I love these pictures of me and my favorite little brother.


Amanda said...

I can't imagine how crazy bedtimes are around there, but you will look back on these one day and laugh! Counting down until you guys get here! Love you!

Kathy Jo said...

HE HE HE!! I love thos pics too!!! That little grin just gets me!!!!

Awh! I am so sorry you guys had a bad night!! I pray tonight is waaay better!!

Counting down!!!

Much love!!