Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pictures ~ 2 yrs & 6 mos

We had a mini session recently with the photographer who took Graham's newborn pictures.  I didn't have high hopes.  I'm slowly learning not to set unrealistic expectations when it comes to toddlers and pictures.  I take enough pictures to know.  But she was able to capture some good ones.  I wanted 1 good family one (with me actually in the picture - ha!) and 1 good one of each boy.  Done and done.  Hooray!

Saw is mean mugging.  And you can't see the sucker he is holding behind my back that ended up stuck in my hair.  Ha! But everyone is looking at the camera and no one is trying to wrangle free.


The next 2 are my favs of the boys.  Already framed.

I'll eventually get a good sibling shot, right?!?! 
 I"m starting to think it's more of a boy thing than an age thing.  My sister gets the cutest pictures of my nieces hugging and cheesing.


Kathy Jo said...

TEARS!!! Those are AMAZING!! I teared and then giggles at the brothers pic...sooooooo cute!!! Sawyer looks like he is just done!! HA!!

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. And can I add that yellow is your color!! I know it's the happiness on your face, but you are glowing!!

Much love to you all!!

morgan823 said...

Great pictures!! Love them all! Love your shirt also, yellow is one of my FAVORITE colors!

Amanda said...

Yellow really is your color! You look so pretty! I am in love with the family ones and of course the boys are precious!

Jess said...

What great pics! Yall are such a beautiful family!!