Monday, March 12, 2012


I am in LA this week for some training. 
It's not as glamorous as it sounds. 
I am homesick.  I miss my boys.

But we had a great weekend before I left. 

Coop and Graham checking each other out. 

Yes, He does.  And so do I.

Excited about making my boys some outfits.  Now, I just need more free time.

Just keeping it real.  He's two, we have our moments.   I can't remember exactly what caused this fit...I'm sure it was something terrible :: like I wouldn't give him more jelly beans, or I took his socks off instead of letting him do it...who knows.  Don't worry, he bounces back quickly.

I finished Graham's Easter basket.  And 

Counting down till Friday...


H2's Mommy said...

Sweet, Sweet boys! Love Gra's basket too! I hope your week flies by! I know they're missing you at home too!

Kathy Jo said...

I know you are missing them, but I think they might be missing you more!!!! I know Keith will do a great job while you are gone but having Mommy around is the best!! that is one pic I can't say I love...bless his heart...such a big tear!!!! And look at Graham sitting up!! Time does fly. And the baskets are precious!!

Much love to you all!!