Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This & That

Not too much going on here.  Just working, parenting, living....

We had a very low key weekend and it was nice.  We spent lots of time just playing.

Sawyer is just now really getting interested in playing with little brother.  He is always handing him toys, covering him with blankets, talking to him.  Those little moments are so sweet, it's about all I can take.  But they are fleeting...we have a lot to learn around here about sharing.

Oh man, I could eat this guy up.  He is so sweet and happy.  And getting too big too fast.  He is so good natured.  He is also really talkative.  He jibber jabbers non stop.  And he's pretty loud.  Guess he figures he needs to be to be heard around here.

Sawyer spends so much time playing with trucks and choo choos.  His teacher asked if he loved choo choo's because he tries to turn every toy into one by making the choo choo sound.  He also loves stuffed animals.  Well, mostly Mickey Mouse and gang.  He has a Mickey, Donald and Goofy that are never far from him.  And recently Snoopy has joined the gang.  He likes to haul them all to bed, along with his paci and blankie.  It's quite the sight.

Throwing out some deer feed.  So far, we are mostly attracting birds.

More choo choos.  And please ignore the huge pile of dirty clothes in the background.  It was laundry day.

So, I've ventured into homemade baby food.  Not that anything is wrong with what you buy in the store.  Sawyer ate store bought and Graham will at daycare because it's free (well, not technically free considering how much our weekly tuition is).  But making it homemade is so easy, it's cheaper and I do think it's healthier -- so just doing what I can for my little love.  So far I've made carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, peas, apples and pears.  So far he's only had sweet potatoes and carrots ~ he preferred the carrots.  I'll be making more varieties this weekend.  We'll keep working our way through the veggies and then fruits.

He broke into the candy jar.  Maybe he's trying to tell me something.


Kathy Jo said...

These posts and pictures truely make my day!!! Just look at those sweet angels!!!! Their mommy takes such great pictures to be able to show us a day in the life...

Graham is getting so big!!! He'll be walking before you know it!!! And Sawyer...well, he is just a doll!!! If you could bottle that energy you would make a fortune!!!

Give them hugs and kisses for me!!!Nonnie

Amanda said...

They can't get any cuter! I love that Sawyer is his daddy's boy and that Graham is looking more and more like you everyday! Need a skype date soon! Love you guys and miss you!

H2's Mommy said...

Love these pics of sweet Graham! So sweet of them watching tv together!