Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had a wonderful Easter.

 The boys were showered with little Easter happies all week long from all their grandparents.  We all felt so loved!
We delivered candy to school teachers and neighbors - boxed candy wrapped like a bunny.
We died Easter eggs -- most ended up broken.  But it was a blast, none the less.
We got all dolled up for the Easter service at church.  The boys looked so stinking precious - smocked button ons and knee sock....doesn't get more Southern than that!  Saw wasn't a fan though - he kept trying to put his Toms on.  Ha.
We made resurrections rolls - and ate too many marshmellows.
The Easter Bunny paid a visit.
We wrapped up with a backyard Easter egg hunt, which Sawyer loved.
But most importantly, we celebrated that He lives.  Thank you Jesus!

All documented below.

Teacher/Neighbor goodies ~ boxed candy wrapped like a bunny.


BeLLa said...

so so glad yall had a great Easter. wish we could have all been together. all of the pics ae so sweet, but my favs are the ones of the boys in the chair together. XoXo

morgan823 said...

Cute pictures, love their Easter outfits.

Kathy Jo said...

The pictures ALMOST make me feel like I am there!! I think you finally got your sibling picture in the chair...precious!! I am so glad they had fun and can't wait til our other Easter Egg Hunt, just postponed a couple of weeks!!!

Counting the days!!!

Our Southern Front Porch said...

LOVE that family picture! Tiff you look stunning in that pink dress! Loving all the pictures!