Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March phone pics

We all know I love taking pictures.  But sometimes it's just not feasible to have my camera out capturing everything.  But with my iphone, there isn't much I miss.  So, below are the moments that make up the everyday, which is sometimes the best stuff!

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Kathy Jo said...

I love ALL your pictures!!! Especially your phone pictures because they do capture the every day life of the Jackson 5! HOWEVER, I do miss the little explanations of each pictures...like in the first set, what is Sawyer doing and thinking - first row, last pic; did you get a Keurig?; How was LifeChurch? How was your trip?; and did you get new sheets?

I think my two favs are of each inidividual sweetie on the swing in the last set...man, they are having SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Those sweet smiles are priceless!!!

Much love to you all!!

You know we all love the little details of your life :)!!!