Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April phone pics

I can't believe it's May.  I feel like my calendar is mocking me every time I open it.  And there is already lots of fun stuff in store for this month....dinner plans, first dentist appt., Mother's day, Graham is being dedicated, swim lessons and hopefully a camping trip.

But April delivered.  It was an awesome month wrapped up with a much needed vacation and family time.  We packed so much into our week at home and I can't wait to share all the pictures ~ hopefully starting tomorrow.

 1. basket full of baby 2. his shirt says it all 3. Anniversary flowers 4. Easter 5. He'd rather wear his Toms 6. 5th yr anniversary card 7. Easter morning 8. best buddies 9. "duck" 10. He'd rather sweat than hand over a blankie 11. again, his shirt says it all 12. sidewalk chalk...regular afternoon activity 13. mail happys 14. at the lake 15. dying eggs

 1. the sweetest  kisses 2. more kisses 3. play time 4. haha 5. beautiful rainbow 6. angel baby 7. yum 8. cheesing 9. big brother helping feed little brother 10. loves getting the mail 11. riding shotgun on our trip home 12. bridesmaid brunch 13. bridesmaid brunch 14. dessert 15. my 2 favorite girls

1. girls day 2. sweet cousins 3. seestor 4. some aunt/nephew love 5.making wedding flowers at 3am 6.at the salon 7. my buddy 8. beautiful babies 9. my boy 10. getting beautiful 11. my favorite people 12. so much love 13. my married little brother 14. silly face 15. pretty people 

1. bedtime stories 2. bowling 3. Aunt Shan and little brother 4. cousins 5. my bed buddies 6. happy baby
7. putt putt 8. McWane center 9. shadows 10. someone needs a nap 11. all smiles 12. dare devil 13. play date 14. best buddies 15. precious outfit Whit made

1. sliding with Popsy 2. snuggling with my best buddy 3. sleepy baby 4. cousins 5. note from my best friend 6. swinging
7. BBQ nachos in Memphis 8. 1st time in high chair 9. cruisin 10. just can't put him down 11. life is good 12. sacked out


BeLLa said...

simply awesome ~ thanks for sharing! XoXo

Kathy Jo said...

I hate to wish my days away, but I do look forward to last day phone pics!!!! Thanks for the editorials!! :) You capture great moments with your phone!!!

Much love to you all!

morgan823 said...

Love all the pictures!! I take so many with my phone I should really try this!