Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Big Day

After a very late night of last minute wedding details, we hit the salon to get hair and makeup done.

Sarah enjoying a glass of wine while getting pampered.

Cute shirt my mom made for Sarah. 

Little brother tags along everywhere and I love it.

And before I show any wedding pictures, I need to say a HUGE thanks to my brother in law, Brian, for going to my moms, finding her spare key, rescuing my camera and driving it all the way out to Aldridge Gardens.  Without him there would be no pictures.  Thank you Brian ~ I really am so grateful!

My Mom and I did the program for them as a surprise.  Everything about their big day was relaxed and fun and the program was the same way.  It was witty and playful and I love it.

I wish these pictures were better because they don't do all the little details justice.  My mom put so much love into this wedding ~ she pretty much made everything you see ~ centerpieces, kids clothes, flowers, etc..  She is amazing and I'm convinced she really can do anything!

These were the table centerpieces.  Cut wood with burned initials and holding tea lights and burlap flowers.

Burlap table runner that is hopefully being used in their house now. :)

AUsome grooms cake.

Flower girl detail was overlooked. 

Sarah's bouquet.  My mom made all the flowers and Shannon & I were her moral support. 

My sweet Momo dancing with her great granddaughter.  Precious memories.

There was a lot of dancing...a lot.  And it was so fun.

Sarah wore the dress that Shannon and I both were married in.  So special.  And I think it needs to be retired now because there was BBQ sauce split all down it and I really don't think Harper or Henley (or my eventual daughter) will want to wear it....But I think it would be neat if we kept some fabric from it to maybe incorporate into their wedding dresses one day...Hmmm....

The Baker clan.

Henley entertaining.  She's a riot!

There was a DIY photobooth with all kinds of props that resulted in some hilarious pictures.

Such a prankster!

Ring bearer pillow and sign. 
Sawyer was supposed to walk down the aisle carrying this.  Instead I ended up carrying him and all this plus my flowers, plus holding Henley's hand because she got scared at the last minute and wouldn't go down.  But Harper went by herself and we were so proud!.  We were quite the site coming down the aisle!  

These pictures are random because a.) I didn't have my camera until the day was half way over and b.) have you ever tried taking pictures while playing mommy, bridesmaid and wedding director?  Ha.

But it was a beautiful celebration.  It was such a fun day and I'm so excited for Jon & Sarah as they start their new married life together.


morgan823 said...

So cute!! Love all the pictures and all the details! I think I love that she wore the dress too the most! So sweet!

Kathy Jo said...

What a special day!! Your mom did a great job on every detail! Everything was beautiful and the wedding director was AWESOME!! I think it's a new career option!!

I can't wait to see the photos from the know the kiddo pics will be GREAT!!

Much love...

Amanda said...

Everything looked amazing, not that I'm surprised with the Baker women being involved! Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous details, gorgeous couple! Congrats Jon and Sarah!
I really do think ya'll should start your own wedding planning in Birmingham...just sayin! :)

H2's Mommy said...

You're the woman! As crazy as it was juggling everyone AND everything, you still managed to not disappoint on the photos!So glad Brian saved the day and got your camera! Love that we all shared sweet memories in the same dress. What a fun day and night! Love the pics of my little hams!

BeLLa said...

beautiful day, beautiful wedding, beautiful pics. ilovemyfamily. XoXo