Tuesday, May 15, 2012

mothers day AND dedication day

I had a wonderful Mother's day.  It really was a great day.  Being a mom to these boys is such an honor.  I feel so unworthy to call them mine but thankfully I serve a God who is good.  And blessed me with them in spite of myself.  They are still little -- too small to really understand all that goes into keeping them healthy, happy, fed, clean, etc.  Although I'm beginning to think it takes becoming a parent to really grasp this.  So, not a tremendous amount of "thank you's" coming from their mouths but it is in their actions.  Some days I have to look harder than others, because let's be honest, being a mom isn't always a walk in the park, but the "thank you's" are there.  In the way that Graham is absolutely happiest in my arms, in the big grins he flashes when I just glance his way and in the way he gazes at me and rubs my face while he nurses.  In the way that Sawyer wants me to kiss every boo boo he gets ~ even if it doesn't really hurt he still needs that kiss, in his little voice that ask me to sing him the Jesus (Jesus loves me) song every night before bed, and in his tiny little hand that wants to hold mine while walking because he's independent but feels better holding mommy's hand.  So, so blessed.

The morning went so good in fact, we even had a few spare minutes to open some sweet gifts and snap a few pictures....

2 things I want to point out in this picture.
1. Sawyer has a fused tooth on bottom.  You can barely see it here.  This tooth will eventually fall out and be replaced by 2 permanent teeth (hopefully) and I just wanted a picture so I never forget this unique quality about him.

2. The scratch on his face is from another kid at daycare.  Fighting over a toy - these boys start early.  It was pitiful.  When I picked him up and asked him what happened to his nose, he first replied he had a boogie and I died laughing.  But when I asked about the scratch he told me who did it and then said the boy also pushed him.  It was so sad.  But I'm sure Sawyer was not innocent....

The main reason why this mother's day was so special was because we also had Graham dedicated.  This is a big deal to us ~ it basically is Keith and I promising Graham, each other and our church that we will raise him in a way that will lead him to becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  Nothing more important that that!

The rest of the day was really low key and relaxing.  Just perfect.  I did miss spending the day with my mom and also my sister.  The 2 best moms I know.  I'm so grateful for their example, encouragement and love!

And I could end this post here but I thought I would also share with you our Monday morning.  Sawyer had his very first dentist appointment.  It was an adventure.  It started when 2 minutes after we walked in he decided to poop.  Which would have been no big deal if I would have had a diaper bag with me.  Ahhh --- total mom fail!  It was so embarrassing explaining to the super sweet lady that I would be right back because I needed to run up the street to the store and buy some diapers because apparently I've lost my mind with not packing any when I do in fact still have a child in diapers -- correction, 2 children in diapers.  Live and learn.  I obviously didn't have high hopes for the visit- I mean he's two.  I really just want him to get used to going and I wanted them to see his fused tooth and reassure me, which they did.  Apparently it's pretty normal and the odds are really good that his permanent teeth will be separate.  He was pretty wild, more so than usual...running around, jumping off chairs, etc.  But he apparently thought it was great because he asked to go back this morning.  Ha.    Silly kid.


BeLLa said...

Tipper ~ you are an amazing....mother.wife.professional.awesomestoryteller.superwoman!

Wish you had posted video of Saw describing the scratch on his nose. it is precious. AND I love happy pic #3. XoXo

H2's Mommy said...

I love reading your sweet words and I can't wait for your boys to have these books to look back on one day! Your words and writing is amazing. You always put being a "mom" back into perspective for me especially when I really need it! So glad your Mother's Day was as perfect as you are! Love pic #3 too...truly shows how happy you are! and love these cute boys too! I wish I could've been a fly on the wall at the dentist! Too funny!