Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Our Memorial Day Weekend

We had a fantastic 3 day weekend.  We seriously need more of those.  Something about that extra day off -- it's so nice.  We did a lot of playing around the house and a lot of good eating!  We also managed to complete our summer list and check our first thing off -- Drillers Game.

Lots of fun stuff to do this summer.  And I'm excited about all of it.  We'll be having lots of visitors for the next month or so.  All of the grandparents (minus GrandBob) are coming to visit.  I know they'll enjoy doing some of this with the boys too.

Slow mornings with french vanilla cappuccino.  There is a delicious french vanilla cappuccino K-cup you can get at Wal-Mart.  It is so good!

Finger painting outside. 
Sawyer got this hat in his Easter basket.  And he decided this weekend that he liked it and pretty much didn't take it off.

We watched Daddy cut the grass and when he stopped Sawyer wanted to climb on and play. 

Keith smoked some BBQ.  So delicious and it made so much we are still enjoying it!

Saw's first time eating corn on the cob.  He's always loved corn but usually wants me to cut it off for him.  But he decided he wanted to eat it like a big boy.

Homemade cheesecake for dessert. 

We headed to a baseball game Sunday evening.

We pretty much could have saved our money and just went to the park.  Sawyer found a little playground they had at the stadium and didn't want to leave it.  We lured him away once with some french fries - kid loves his french fries but who can blame him?!  That lasted for about 5 minutes and then he wanted to head back to the playground.  Keith and I took turns watching him and sitting with Graham playing in our lawn seats.  I don't think either of us actually watched any baseball, but we had a blast.

Thankfully, when it was time to leave Sawyer spotted a firetruck.  That helped dry up the tears from having to leave the playground.  Firetrucks are probably his favorite thing right now.  

Morning playtime.

BBQ nachos for lunch.  

More outside fun which these two little boys love!


And of course we remembered the reason we were even having a 3 day weekend.  I am so thankful for those who have sacrificed so much to give us our freedom.  Sacrifices not only made by the men and women who serve our country but also their families.  Thank you isn't enough!

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Kathy Jo said...

What fun you are already having and summer hasn't begun yet!!!! That list for the summer looks great and we can't wait to come for our visit!!!

I just can't get enough of those two boys!!! Sawyer is precious in that hat and little Graham is just adorable!!!

Miss you all!!!