Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Play day

We planned a play date one morning with my sweet friend Whit and her 2 boys, Fearing and Finn.  Whit and I talk all the time and when we get together it's like I just saw her yesterday...not months ago. And we are practically living the same life right now with 2 boys about the same ages.  She is such a blessing to me!  She's the kind of friend where at lunch we might have only said 10 words to each other because we were handing out sippy cups, cutting up chicken nuggets, tending to babies (ours and each others) but it felt like the best conversation.  Days like this really make me wish we lived closer so these play dates could be a regular thing!

Popsy joined us at the park and 4 kiddies were really glad!

After the park, we headed to chick-fil-a for lunch and to spend more time together.  The kids loved playing in the play ground there -- so much so that 2 almost got left. :)  And you should have seen us getting out the door to leave.  We are still laughing about this -- it involved a few tantrums, a line 4 kids wide holding hands, and Henley sneaking a sip of coke.

We finished Wednesday with dinner back at Keith's parents with Brian, Candy, Colton & Cason.  And I didn't get any pictures - sad, I know.  But it was so nice to see them and watch the boys play together.  And we also got to go see the land Brian & Candy just bought that they will eventually build on.  It has an amazing view and I'm so excited for them!

Thursday was our last day at home.  The week had been so busy that we decided to have a low key morning at home letting the kids play.  We headed to Harper's gymnastics after lunch.  She had a big cheering section.  That is her mid backwards roll below.  It was so cute.  I actually think Sawyer would enjoy it.

We grilled out at Shan & Blakes that night and enjoyed spending one last night with family.

I LOVE this picture.  My granddad is so sweet and I could eat little Graham up!

Loves swinging...and didn't mind it was pink. ;)

We really had the best week.  It was so hard saying goodbye.  Especially to Harper...she is my little buddy and she always gets so sad when we leave and seeing her upset breaks my heart!  But I'm so thankful for a week full of wonderful memories!

Thank you Sister & Blake for letting us set up camp all week.  We had a blast.  Now ya'll come visit us! ;)


BeLLa said...

love the pic of all the kids lined up at the park. sort of like a memory game.....match the shirts, match the siblings. your time home is jam packed full of fun times. also love gra's pic with GG too. XoXo

morgan823 said...

Sweet, sweet pictures!! Looks like yall had tons of fun that week!

Kathy Jo said...

What a great week and great pictures!!! So glad that you guys were able to come for the whole week. Ready now for our trip to OK!!

Much love to you all!!

H2's Mommy said...

I giggled thinking about leaving Chickfila...what I sight we probably were to others around us! Hen didn't seem to mind! ;) So glad that you all stayed with us! We loved having you and I'm ready to come visit you!