Friday, May 25, 2012

randomness & videos

Just some random little snippets.

We got a new car.  SO excited.  We've been saving our pennies and pretty much purchased our dream car.  Like if we won the lottery, this is the car we would buy.  This is the first brand new car either of us have ever had.  And it feels so good.  And smells even better!  But I think Sawyer may be the most excited.  He doesn't want to get out of the thing.  And he keeps calling it GrandBob's truck -- I guess he's confused since GrandBob has a big white truck.

My baby hit the 9 month mark this week.  The official 9 month post coming soon ~ and we have his 9 month check up this afternoon.  I can't believe "1" is only 3 months away.  Although, I do love planning parties...

We are going to be making our summer list this weekend.  Such a fun thing to do and to help us be intentional about this season.  But not much else on the agenda for the weekend....and 3 days of nothing sounds so nice.

And I'll leave you with a couple little videos.

 Sawyer has just recently started to love looking through the blog books I've created the past 2 years.  He loves looking at the pictures and naming off everyone.  It makes my heart so happy to hear him call off everyone's name --  since we don't get to see them near as much as we would like.  And it gives me that extra encouragement to keep taking the time to document our stories.

And here is one of little piggy brother shoving some puffs in.  He LOVES them and can't get them in fast enough.

Happy Friday!

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BeLLa said...

great post - put a huge smile on my face. i love hearing saw talk and gra is a cutie.pie. love your beautiful, new SUV. happy holiday weekend. XoXo