Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Festivities

So, our trip home started out a little rocky.  We were set to leave Thursday at lunch.  Keith had been out of town and was flying back in Thursday morning, we were picking up a rental car (because Keith was going to be working some so his work was going to pay for a rental), loading the car and boys and then hitting the road for our 12 hour journey.  Good plan, right?!

Would have been but Keith missed his flight!  If there was ever a time to miss your flight this was not it.  The next flight in to Tulsa wouldn't arrive until 7pm and that wouldn't work.  So after a minor freak out, we decided that the best option was for Keith to fly to Little Rock, which we drive right through on our way home.  This is about the half way point.  Another small hiccup was that Keith's truck was parked at the airport (his truck is more roomy for the 12 hour drive).  So, we asked our sweet retired neighbors if they would drive me up to the airport so I could get his truck since we would no longer be getting a rental.  I was in a tailspin trying to get finished packing, the car loaded, the boys loaded, etc., etc. and hit the road in time to drive the 5 hours to pick Keith up at the Little Rock airport.  Ahh, fun times. 

But, it all worked out and we eventually rolled into Birmingham around 1am.  They boys did awesome!  Seriously, a little whining and crying but overall it was a great trip.  It's usually never as bad as I anticipate.

And roughly 8 hours later, we were kicking off the wedding festivities with a bridesmaid brunch.

From there, we headed straight to the salon for some mani/pedi's. And some Freddy Kruger action.

I snapped these pictures of GrandBob and the boys right before heading to the rehearsal dinner. 

Everyone is looking at the camera...mostly.  But no one is trying to wrangle free so a huge success.

Then it was off to Aldridge Gardens for the rehearsal.  I only took 2 pictures there.  I was too busy carrying a baby, crawling around the ground looking for my earring (which I found, praise the Lord), and helping play wedding director.

Then off to a yummy dinner that was hosted by my Dad and Kathy.  And as wonderful as the dinner was the best part was after dinner when all the toasts started.  There were some tears and some laughing but it was so wonderful to be in a room filled with so much love.  I think I may have started the tears.  I never thought I would be so emotional but I love my brother so much and I'm so proud of him.  And I'm so happy that Sarah is officially my sister now...I love her.  We were all jabbing my sister too because she's not typically an emotional person but she was ugly was great!

How precious are these sweet cousins?!  Saw warmed up immediately this trip.  I think he's starting to remember everyone which is so awesome and makes my heart so happy!

Kathy did an amazing job with the dinner and all the decorations.  Everything looked so good and I know Sarah and Jon appreciate all she did.

I'm thinking I need one of these for my front door!

You know how sometimes when you are in the middle of something it seems so terrible but when you look back it doesn't seem that bad.  That is how the dinner was.  It just makes for a long dinner when you are trying to feed 40+ people.  And a 2 year old and 8 month old don't do long dinners very well.  Graham wouldn't let anyone else hold him (darn ;), kidding...kind of), Sawyer wouldn't sit still, I'm nursing in the corner, etc.  Keith and I felt like we had been wrestling bears for 2 hours.  But all in all it was a great night surrounded by lots of love celebrating a wonderful couple.

All the bridesmaids and a cute little boy... ;)

Okay, I figured that was enough for one day.  I'll have the actual big day up tomorrow.


morgan823 said...

Cute pictures!! Love the one of Keith and Sawyer at the rehearsal! I can't believe you didn't get a picture of Shannon crying! You are right, you don't see that too often! ;)

BeLLa said...

how fun to go back and relive all of the fun we had! everything was perfect and btw you did a SUPER job organizing everyone at the rehearsal and directing the wedding...thanks! XoXo

Kathy Jo said...

I have looked forward to this post...reliving such a special time in our family made me remember so much much about that weekend. It was AWESOME! Just as your wedding and Shannon's wedding is it a special time to remember and hold dear to my heart! You did a great job with the directing!! and you might have a surprise coming your way :)!!!

Much love to you all!!