Friday, June 29, 2012

hot summer days...and some encouragment

Whew, what a week.  And I'm not going to get into all 'woe is me' because frankly, everybody is busy, has lots going on, stressed, etc.  And the result of some of my grief this week was my own rotten attitude.  And then after I lose my patience the guilt sets in.  Vicious cycle, I tell ya.  

Our current series at church is on perspective.  And I've said before, life is all about perspective.  Although, I'll be the first to admit that at times, especially with small children it can be hard to keep and/or find it. So much goes into mothering...and most of it goes un-seen and un-noticed.  And at times, it's just plain hard.

In true "God is in the details" fashion, one of my devotionals this week read the below:
 (Proverbs 31 Ministries)

"Indeed, God sees each of our everyday efforts, whether with our kids or other children in our lives. Keeping watch late at night for them to arrive home safely. Folding the 11th basket of clothes . . . today. Cooking dinner with no "thank you" given. Dribbling the basketball with the neighborhood kids or volunteering at a summer camp. Though costly in many ways, these actions will pay off in building up a child's confidence of being loved, assurance of belonging, knowledge of being 'worth it.'"
"Whether you are investing in your own children, or someone else's, keep up the greatness in the common moments. It may seem like nothing, but it matters. It's building. It's seen."

And it went on to say:

"Common moments, built one upon the other, create great lifetimes. These moments are mostly free, yet costly. Their currency? Time, energy, selflessness, dreams and yes, sleep. All create a life of loving well and building deep."

Amen and Amen.  Our God is so good and I'm so grateful for His grace that sustains me.

I just wanted to share.  In case anyone else reading this needed some encouragement.  Those small everyday mundane moments that can drive a mommy bonkers...they matter and they are seen.

And just a few pictures of how we've been trying to beat this ridiculous heat!

below photo courtesy of Sawyer. :)

redneck water slide. :)

My Dad and Kathy arrive today for a visit.  We are looking forward to a fun couple of days.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trip to the Aquarium

Before my mom headed back home, we took a trip to the aquarium.  I kept joking that we could have just gone to the pet store because Sawyer was only interested in looking at the "little fishies".  He was actually a little scared of some of the bigger/weird types of fish.  And obviously Graham wasn't that aware.  He was just happy to be exploring somewhere new. 

But it was something different and mom and I enjoyed it and we got some cute pictures.

Jelly fish that Saw liked because he thought they were "bubbles".  Ha.

My mom took this picture and the best part is Saw's face in the reflection.  Love seeing things through the eyes of a child!

My favorite pic from the whole day.

Counting all the fishes.  Well, up until 14 because that is how high he can count right now.  And then he started naming all the colors.  He has those down.

Well, love this picture too.

Okay, funny story.  You could buy some fish food to feed to the fish.  Well, Saw wasn't too sure but eventually BeLLa coaxed him into helping her. 

Here they are dropping the food in, pointing out the fish and talking to them, etc.

And here they are jumping out of their skin when one of the fish jumped up out of the water and scared them.  They both screamed. We laughed and laughed at this picture.  So glad I caught it.  Saw was pretty much done after this.

It was fun way to spend a few hours on a hot day.  And we are so glad BeLLa was here to go with us!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graham || 10 months

Dear Graham,

You are 10 months old.  And you are mess.  But a happy, playful, precious mess.  You are such a good natured baby.  And you are such a blessing to our family!

You started crawling this past month and you are now into everything.  Like I've already fished dog food out of your mouth, into everything.  Gross, I know.  Poor Cooper will only get to eat now when you are in bed.  And you are also starting to pull up on things.  You are loving this new freedom.  And you are constantly just crawling around trying to be near your big brother.  You want to be doing whatever he is doing.  You also just started clapping.  It's so cute. You'll clap and then we'll all start and you get so excited.

You have 4 teeth total.  Your top two broke through last week, praise the Lord, because they were giving you fits.  It looks like at least one more on top will be coming through soon.

You weight around 21 lbs. and are around 29.5 inches long. You are wearing mostly all 12 month clothes and even some 18 month PJ's.  You are in size 3 diapers.  And who knows about your shoe size since you never wear shoes or socks.

You still nurse (take 2 bottles at daycare) 4 times a day.  You are eating baby food 3 times a day and also snacks.  You have a great appetite.  You have also started trying some table foods.  Just bread, carrots, green beans, and noodles so far.  And you are also getting pretty good with your sippy cup - you've only had water in it so far.

You go to bed around 7:30 and will sleep until around 7am.  Sometimes later on the weekend.  Your naps aren't very consistent, especially at daycare.  On the weekends, sometimes you'll take two naps and sometimes just one long nap.  You are pretty flexible.  And we can lay you down awake and you will roll to your belly and go to sleep.

You still suck your two middle fingers and play with your hair when you're tired.

You are still a mommy's boy right now and obviously I love that!  Because I love you, little brother, more than you'll ever know!

Here are some precious pictures of you at 10 months:

And someone was pouting because they weren't having their picture made.  So , he climbed up in the chair and then you gave him a kiss.  Sweet, you are!

Friday, June 22, 2012

BeLLa's visit.

I've been a little lax on my posting.  But honestly, I wanted to spend the 2 weeks my mom was here visiting with her and not sitting in front of the computer every night blogging.  And I'm so glad I did...but I do have lots to catch up on. 

We had a great 2 weeks.  I'll let the pictures mostly do the speaking...
We did some playing outside.

We did lots of good eating. 
Saw and I did some baking.
Chocolate chip cookies and blueberry muffins.

Please excuse my disgusting muffin pan.  Thinking it is time for a new one...

BeLLa also came bearing some gifts.

Watching Daddy cut grass.

We made some sidewalk paint one afternoon.  It was super easy to make - found the recipe on Pinterst - and lots of fun!

And we also made a trip to the aquarium before BeLLa headed back home.  I'll be sharing those pictures soon ~ figured this was enough for one day.