Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grandmama & Granddaddy visit

We had a wonderful visit last weekend with Keith's parents.  I'm so glad they were able to come out for a few days and the boys loved having them (Keith and I did too -- and I was able to get some monogramming done...yay).  Sawyer especially loved it and kept them entertained.

We spent a lot of time playing outside, building blocks, reading books and making some sweet memories.

Here are some pictures from their visit.

And is it just me or is Graham looking more big boy and less baby?!?!  And Sawyer looks older than 2...maybe, I'm just in denial!

But, I am savoring every day with my sweet boys!


Kathy Jo said...

I know lots of fun was had by all!!! Sawyer looks like he got a hair cut!!!?? Those boys are the cutest little boys EVER!!!

I can't wait til it's our turn :)!

Much love!

Amanda said...

so sweet! Looks like you all had a blast! And yes, Graham looks more big boy in these pics for sure. He is straight up his daddy in the pic of him and Keith's dad!