Friday, June 29, 2012

hot summer days...and some encouragment

Whew, what a week.  And I'm not going to get into all 'woe is me' because frankly, everybody is busy, has lots going on, stressed, etc.  And the result of some of my grief this week was my own rotten attitude.  And then after I lose my patience the guilt sets in.  Vicious cycle, I tell ya.  

Our current series at church is on perspective.  And I've said before, life is all about perspective.  Although, I'll be the first to admit that at times, especially with small children it can be hard to keep and/or find it. So much goes into mothering...and most of it goes un-seen and un-noticed.  And at times, it's just plain hard.

In true "God is in the details" fashion, one of my devotionals this week read the below:
 (Proverbs 31 Ministries)

"Indeed, God sees each of our everyday efforts, whether with our kids or other children in our lives. Keeping watch late at night for them to arrive home safely. Folding the 11th basket of clothes . . . today. Cooking dinner with no "thank you" given. Dribbling the basketball with the neighborhood kids or volunteering at a summer camp. Though costly in many ways, these actions will pay off in building up a child's confidence of being loved, assurance of belonging, knowledge of being 'worth it.'"
"Whether you are investing in your own children, or someone else's, keep up the greatness in the common moments. It may seem like nothing, but it matters. It's building. It's seen."

And it went on to say:

"Common moments, built one upon the other, create great lifetimes. These moments are mostly free, yet costly. Their currency? Time, energy, selflessness, dreams and yes, sleep. All create a life of loving well and building deep."

Amen and Amen.  Our God is so good and I'm so grateful for His grace that sustains me.

I just wanted to share.  In case anyone else reading this needed some encouragement.  Those small everyday mundane moments that can drive a mommy bonkers...they matter and they are seen.

And just a few pictures of how we've been trying to beat this ridiculous heat!

below photo courtesy of Sawyer. :)

redneck water slide. :)

My Dad and Kathy arrive today for a visit.  We are looking forward to a fun couple of days.

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Amanda said...

First of all I think it is complete normal to feel the way you do...we are only human! I have learned over the last few weeks that things have a way of working themselves out no matter how crazy! I love the photos of the boys in the pool and the redneck water slide! Also Sawyer is quite a little photog with his angles!