Friday, June 15, 2012

Kansas City Weekend pics

We had a great weekend in Kansas City.  My work holds a regional truck driving championship every year and it is really fun.  All the truck drivers and warehouse guys are invited to attend and bring their families for a fun weekend.  I'm so glad we timed my moms visit with this weekend because she was a huge help with the boys!!  Keith and I were able to attend dinners and hang out both nights while she watched the boys.  Can't remember the last time I enjoyed a hot meal! Ha.

We left after lunch on Friday and both boys zonked out soon after we got on the road.

The event is held at the Kansas City Speedway.  There are different kids events set up.  Sawyer was pretty partial to the bean bag toss.  Keith said he must have picked them up 200 times.

Graham taking his morning snooze in the stroller.

I was a judge for one of the events -- which is why I'm wearing the safety vest.

Best family picture we could get.  Everyone was ready to go at this point.

So after heading back to the hotel and catching a quick nap, we made our way to the indoor water park for some fun.  This is the Great Wolf Lodge -- I think there are several across the country.  I would totally recommend -- it's awesome! 

We can officially check water slide off of our summer list.  Saw finally worked up the courage to go down some of the slides.  I was proud.  Us adults also went down some of the bigger, enclosed ones.  I had forgotten how much fun water slides are.  SO fun! 

One last family shot.

Keith and I attended a dinner Saturday night and mom took the boys to the arcade.  Sunday morning we hit up the arcade again to cash in our tickets before grabbing lunch and heading back.  It was a great weekend!

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Amanda said...

Looks like such a fun weekend and I'm so glad that your mom was able to join ya'll! I love the pic of you and Graham and those sweet baby blues!