Tuesday, August 28, 2012

big boy bed...

It was a big weekend around here.  Sawyer got a big boy bed.  He was so funny.  We've been asking him for a while if he wanted a big boy bed and he would tell us no, that he already had a bed.  He's a hilarious little guy.  I'm pretty sure I would have been perfectly fine with him sleeping in a crib forever but Keith really thought it was time for a big boy bed.  So, we did just that on Saturday.
Sawyer was excited to help and thought it was really fun.  He loved being able to climb in himself and then spent the next hour jumping out.  Climbing in and jumping out. Over and over and over again. 
We also decided it would be a good time to take the paci away.  We told him that paci's aren't allowed in big boy beds.  And he never really said anything about it.  We've slowly been weaning off of it the past couple of months.  Leaving it in his crib, napping without it, etc. And lately he would usually spit it out after he fell asleep.  So we were hopeful he would do okay.
I'm happy to report that the last 3 nights have been awesome.  I'm so proud of him.  He's gone right to bed.  Only asked for his paci once (Sunday morning after he got up and we came downstairs he asked where it was and I told him I didn't have it and big boys didn't need paci's.  And then he told me to go to the store to buy him some more.  Ha!). And he hasn't gotten up any.  Even in the mornings when he wakes up he just sits there and looks at his books (we read him books before bed and he likes to keep 1 or 2 in there with him).  I know it's only been 3 nights but I don't think we'll have any trouble.
Although I wasn't entirely prepared for all of this to happen last weekend and it does tug at my heartstrings a little, the timing felt right.  I'm so happy we didn't push any of this on him and followed his lead.  Now, I'm praying our trip home doesn't set us back any.
Last pic in front of his baby bed.... 

New big boy bed....

Two other somebodies were really interested in his big boy bed too.

And in other news, we made pudding pops.  I don't have any pictures of us enjoying them because I was trying to keep 2 boys from turning everything in our house purple!
 I spy a helper with a skinned up knee and a Mickey band aid.  He loves to sit on the counter and help.

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BeLLa said...

can't wait to get my hands on those boys this weekend. so looking forward to seeing the jacksons. pudding pops look yummy.