Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Graham

I had a short out of town meeting this week, Monday and Tuesday.  I actually got in around 8:30 last night.  I made it home just in time to put Saw to bed.  Graham was already asleep but I couldn't resist sneaking in his room and scooping him up.  He sleepily opened his eyes and gave me a little grin, then I nursed him and he drifted back to sleep.  I only held him for maybe 10-15 minutes but my mama heart needed it.  As I was holding him, I thanked God for him, prayed for him, thought about him turning 1 today and about the past year.  I had to hold him on the eve of his last moment with him before he is officially 1.  Still so little and new but no longer a (officially) baby.

What a blessing he is to us, a perfect addition to our family and the perfect 2nd son.  The past year has held so much joy but there were moments of growing pains, learning to mother two boys and create a balancing act.  And there are still moments when I wish I had more hands, but overall the past year has held a lot of love.  Love for Graham and every single thing that makes him uniquely him, additional love for Sawyer as I watched him become a big brother, more love for Keith as we became more seasoned as a couple and as parents (and more love for him for tolerating all the matching outfits), and even more love for Cooper as he tolerates another set of hands grabbing at him...and for licking more messes off the floor.

Birthdays are such a big deal.  It's his birth day!  Our entire lives were changed by this 1 day. 
Thank you God for Graham!  And Happy 1st Birthday buddy!

I made a little video of Graham's first year!



Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

-Love Daddy

Kathy Jo said...

Happy Birthday sweet Graham!! Tears come to my eyes when I saw the sweet video of you...I miss you so very much and love you more! You are going to grow up to be such a wonderful man!!

Love you much!!

H2's Mommy said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet baby boy! The year has gone by so fast and you've changed so much! Can't wait to give you a big hug!
T-LOVE the video!
I love you!

BeLLa said...

Tipper ~ that was the sweetest video ever. Seriously your talents are beyond words when it comes to capturing memories!! Gra's first year video is awesome,

Thank you my baby girl for all you do to bring your family so, so close to us when you all are miles away.

I watched that video and thought that one day Gra (and most likely his wife) will watch that and think he had the most amazing Mom ever!

I love you so much & more!! XoXo

Jess said...

How sweet! hope he had a wonderful birthday! I can't believe he is already one!