Monday, August 6, 2012

July phone pics

It's going to be a little quiet this week...I'm flying out this evening for a meeting.  I'll be gone for 3 nights and I'm already sad and missing my boys.  I'm staying home with them today to get in a little extra quality time before I leave.  But it's a pretty full agenda so the week should go by quickly.  And the meeting's in Vegas so that should help too. :) Enjoy your week.

1. playing 2. lil firecrackers 3, 4th of July 4. twinsies 5. birthday breakfast in bed 6. birthday snuggles 7. birthday lunch date 8. yummy birthday lunch 9. making a birthday wish 10. making homemade pizzas for birthday dinner 11. He really wanted some birthday cake 12. He really enjoyed some birthday cake 

 1. veggies from our garden 2. cousins came to visit 3. Aunt Shan and Saw 4. mornin 5. splish splash in the tub 6. opening presents from my girls 7. playing 8. cousins
 9. baking cupcakes with Harpy 10. babies in bed 11. ring around the rosy 12. some good sleeping

 1. cutie 2 another cutie 3. playing pool 4. Saw and Uncle Blake 5. sisters and kiddos 6. mini bowling 7. love these girls 8. my fav peeps 9. Hen 10. working a puzzle 11. buddies 12. seestors

1. trouble 2. face time 3. Mondays are exhausting 4. salad toppings straight from backyard garden 5. Breakfast date 6. Sunday snoozing 7. spaghetti night aka messiest dinner known to man 8. bird watching 9. present from sweet friend, Amanda 10. Team USA ready for the Olympics 11. swimming pool 12. burlap wreath - gift from Kathy


Amanda said...

I always love to see all of your pics from the month! A) I'm super jealous about your meetings in Vegas-I'm sure it won't be complete torture :) and B) In love with the burlap wreath from Kathy-adorbs!

Kathy Jo said...

I ALWAYS look forward to end-of-th-month phone pics! Captures the lives of the Jacksons and it's precious!!!

Those boys have my heart!!!!!

Much love to you all!

Jess said...

These are soo cute!! Have fun in Vegas!! :)