Friday, August 31, 2012

Pictures of Graham

I wanted to take some pictures of Graham -- 1 year pictures and I had a vision of some cake smashing (thank you pinterest).  The weather forecast last weekend was less than stellar with scattered thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday - 80% chance.  Boo.

But Saturday night I decided to make the cake and figured I'd take a chance that there would be a non raining period on Sunday and we could run out and take some pictures.  The field is just down the street from our house.  Another perk to living in Oklahoma....lots of wide open spaces. 

Well, Sunday afternoon the clouds parted and the sun starting shining so we made a run for it.
And these pictures are all...oh, we're so happy frolicking in a field on a beautiful afternoon.  NOT.  Sawyer was sleeping in the (running, locked) car (maybe this was actually a blessing. ha.).  We popped 2 balloons before I even snapped the first picture. The rain didn't cool things off and instead it was hot and sticky.  And if I'm being totally honest, Keith and I were being a little snappy with each other because I was being a bossy mamarrazi and he wasn't getting of my "vision".  But we took some deep breaths, mumbled some apologies and regained our composure and walked away with some really cute pictures.  We were out there maybe 20 minutes.

And did you know there is a helium shortage? As in can't get helium filled balloons anywhere.  I tried 4 places.  I could buy mylar balloons from them but they wouldn't fill regular latex ones.  So, I started out with 5 balloons on sticks (which actually worked out nicely because it was so windy) but only 3 are photographed...see above.  And ended up with only 1 when it was all said and done.
Anyway...enjoy lots and lots of pictures of sweet, little Graham.

Eating cake is exhausting....ha.

This is right after he shoved the whole cake to the ground.
We are heading home as this is being posted.  We are looking forward to some time away and being with family.  We have a big birthday party planned for Graham.  We get back next Wednesday and I'm sure there will be lots to share then!


BeLLa said...

tipper, you really made some great pics of graham. the setting is perfect, and he is such a cutie pie. so glad yall are on your way to bham. we are going to have such a fun-filled, non-stop visit. XoXo

Amanda said...

I love all of these pictures! He looks like such a big boy, I can't even believe it!
He is beginning to look more and more like Sawyer the older he gets!
Love your "vision" and so glad that the weather cooperated! Love ya'll and can't wait to see you! :)

Kathy Jo said...

I stay amazed at your "visions" and Keith always is a good hubby to just follow along! Those pics are amazing! He is such a special little boy! I can't wait for the visit!!!

Much love to you all!!