Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sawyer 2.5 and an early birthday present for G

So, let's talk about Sawyer for a minute.  Big brother officially turned 2.5 last Friday.  And I honestly have to admit it just keeps getting better and better.  I wonder if this ever changes?!  I mean, I know you will miss things about every stage...heck, I already do, but I wonder if even when they are 12, 18, 25, etc. you still look at your children and think they just keep getting more awesome.  I'm choosing to believe that.

Anyway...I have to say the "terrible twos" haven't been so terrible with him but I do realize we are only half way through.  Of course, we have our moments (and days) but overall this child is pure joy.  He is hilarious, energetic, very smart and so, so precious to me. 

He talks non-stop and says the cutest stuff.  I'm finding myself pulling out the video camera more and more because I never want to forget his sweet little voice.  And all the adorable things he says and the way he pronounces words.  Knows all his colors, shapes, and can count to 15.  He surprises me everyday with all he knows...just randomly singing a song that I didn't think he knew the words to or randomly pointing out an octagon....I know I'm biased but he really is smart.  And if you ask him how he got so smart he says "daddy".  And if you ask him how he got so cute he says "mommy". True story. :) 

He loves to work puzzles...pretty much his favorite thing right now.  He still loves Mickey Mouse, choo choo's and firetrucks.  He loves reading books and coloring.  He gladly gives hugs and kisses.

He has a very healthy appetite and eats pretty much everything.  Drinks milk constantly.  Growing like a weed....2T and 3T clothes, size 7 shoes, size 5 diapers.

We are also starting to get him excited about using the big potty.  He has started using it at night before his bath and some during the day when we are home.  We aren't rushing it but are getting very close to full on potty training.  I'm thinking we'll hold off until after our trip home Labor Day weekend.  But he gets pretty excited when he does use it (and we are cheering like he just won a gold medal) and immediately ask for his candy.

He still takes a paci.  I know, I know...but only at night and it stays in his crib.  It is the very last "baby" thing about him and I just can't bring myself to get rid of it yet.  I honestly don't think he'd really care...he usually spits it out after he falls asleep.  And rest assured if I referred to it as a "baby" thing he wouldn't want it because he tells me everyday that he's a "big boy".  I'm thinking we'll get rid of it when we convert his crib into a toddler bed.  Probably in the next couple months.  One thing at a time...Ha.

It is an honor to be his mommy.  So much love for this boy.  So, so much!

Someone got their very own chair for a (early) birthday present.  I'm not sure who was more excited...Graham or Sawyer.

It is still blowing my mind that this guy will be 1 in a week.
Can.Not.Be.Possible.  See also: Time.Slow.Down.

Still trying to catch up from my trip last week.  Life is busy now....but so good.


Kathy Jo said...

Your pictures just amaze me...I feel like I am there and just want to put my arms around those sweet boys!!! Sawyer is such a big boy now and always busy and little Graham is following in his footsteps!! They are just precious!!!!

Can't wait to see you all!!! Counting the days!!!

Much love to you all!!!

Amanda said...

I love this post about Sawyer and his precious personality. He is turning into such a handsome big boy and I love him!
It is very hard to beleive that Graham is about to be 1 year! It really doesn't seem like a year has gone by yet! BTW-I think he looks just like you in those last few pics!