Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a few pictures from our weekend

We had a great weekend.  The kind that feels productive and restful all at the same time.  We cleaned house, grilled out, played outside, got haircuts (boys), watched football and played and played.  The boys were so much fun this weekend...I just couldn't get enough of them!
This pic is courtesy of Sawyer who now prefers to be behind the camera...not too bad for a 2 year old!
And this pic was before I trimmed Graham's hair...slightly out of control...

Our little tigers....we all cheered our hardest for our Auburn Tigers but came away with another loss.  But we were very proud of how our team played.

We've put a lot of miles on these tires...

We snapped some pictures before church Sunday morning...the boys looked so precious.  My friend, Whit, made them these outfits and I'm in love with them!


morgan823 said...

They are adorable!!

Kathy Jo said...

Those boys do know how to play! They are so adorable!!!! So glad y'all had a restful, wonderful weekend!

See you brought out the boots!!! :)

Much love to you all!!!!!