Thursday, September 6, 2012

August phone pics

We had a great trip home and enjoyed lots of time with family and friends.  And of course the highlight was Graham's 1st birthday party.  But it was also exhausting...I have lots of pictures to share but haven't had a chance to go through them all yet.  Soon...
While we are still trying to get back in the swing of things after being gone for a week, I thought I would share my phone pictures from August.
1. Sleepyhead 2. Obviously they really wanted to take a picture together 3. he wanted to nap on a floor pallet 4. Headed off on a work trip 5. Hello Kitty pic for Harp & Hen 6. Show with work 7. View of the Vegas strip from my hotel, The Cosmopolitan 8. Mickey for Saw 9. Bellagio water fountain show 10. Culture tour at Zappos 11. Little brother got a chair for his birthday
12. working puzzles 

1. happy corner of my home 2. sliiiddeee 3. swingin' 4. Why doesn't this ever happen on the weekends 5. playing horsey 6. making pudding pops 7. & 8. enjoying pudding pops 9. team building event at a work meeting 10. snoozing in his big boy bed 11. cutie 12. cars 

1. morning snuggles with the birthday boy 2. 12 month check up 3. 1 day old vs. 1 year old 4. pushes from big brother 5. busted 6. big boy bed 7. my boys 8. smash cake session 9. going on a trip

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Kathy Jo said...

Always love, love, LOVE the phone pics!!! Just another glimpse into the Jackson world!!!

Miss you all!!!!