Tuesday, September 18, 2012

C'mon fall...

We have a big tree in our front yard that produces the best acorns....perfect for some fall decorating.  Well, we had a good storm a week or so ago and so there were already lots on the ground.  And you have to get them while the getting is good -- we missed the boat a little last year.  So, even though it was 80 degrees and the boys are totally in summer outfits, we headed out front with our buckets to gather some acorns.  Screams fall, right?!  Is it too early for fall decorating or better yet, boots?  I'm dying to start wearing boots....I'm pulling them on as soon as we go a few consecutive days out of the 90's!
I digress....As exepted Sawyer had a blast gathering acorns and filling his little bucket to the brim.  Can I just say that I think 2.5 years may be my favorite age.  I seriously LOVE it.  Sawyer is so much fun, says the cutest things ever and I never get tired of hanging out with him!
And Graham is still in that total exploration/everything is still so new phase. And I am ready for him to start walking. He's thisclose. Taking lots of steps but will stop after a few and sit down. I think he's lacking a little confidence. We'll get there. I just think he and Sawyer will really start having fun and really playing together once Graham can walk/run with him.
It was a fun way to spend some time outside after dinner.

The sweet little hands slay me!

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Kathy Jo said...

What fun!!! I think both of your boys enjoy anything that has ANYTHING to do with being outside!!! Sweet, precious pictures!!!

Much love!