Monday, September 10, 2012

Graham's first birthday party {orange & aqua "one year old in a flash"}

I'm really excited to share pictures from Graham's first birthday party.  I LOVE planning parties and first birthdays are so special.  And I'm sure some people will think I went way overboard but it's fun for me.  I'm sure all the details stress some people out but not me.  I'm totally type A anyway and I've been making things for about 2 months since I pretty much made everything below (decorations, outfits, cake, etc).  Although, planning the party from 600 miles away does make it a little more challenging - packed an entire suitcase of just birthday stuff.  And, yes, I know he won't remember any of this but I will and that's enough for me. 

Big, huge thanks to my Mom.  I know she is glad it's over and she doesn't have to hear my daily 100 questions or get my emails with a mile long to do list.  I couldn't have pulled this off without her help.  And the help of my sister and Sarah who pitched in and stayed up into the wee hours of the morning the night before setting everything up.  My brother and Blake even pitched in!  And huge thanks to Sister and Blake for letting us have the party at their beautiful home!  It worked out perfectly.  I think I owe them a maid service.  And my Aunt Kakai for printing all the pictures for me.  She saved me lots of $.  And my dad and Kathy for picking up some goodies the day of the party.  The list could go on....lots of people love Graham and were very eager to help.

And finally to my friend, Haley, for photographing the party.  It was nice to be able to enjoy it and not have to worry about capturing all the little moments.  She just put lots of pics on her blog so be sure to check them out!  And I'll probably share more here once I get the CD.

So, like everyone planning a party these days, I scoured pinterest for ideas.  And Graham's party was sort of a culmination of several ideas that I liked...
"one year old in a flash" - centered around pictures - had lots of pictures displayed, including the huge photo backdrop behind the food table, the photo booth, and the favors were a little clicking camera and a pair of funny glasses.  But I also loved the color scheme of "aqua and orange" so I wanted to use lots of fabrics and make it really colorful and playful. 

Below are just a few pictures that I took before the party started.  I didn't worry too much about taking that many since I knew Haley would do a great job.

Drink table

Graham's throne highchair

Of course there is football on the tv -- it was opening weekend.

This was the backdrop above the food table.  

Decided to try my hand at a little cake baking/decorating.  Hmm...the jury is still out on if I would do this again.  I love how it turned out but it was a tad stressful (I forgot to butter the pans for the second batch.  Big mistake.  We managed to save it.) and took quite a while.  But I like that it was homemade and very yummy and it did save me some money, which is always good.

photo booth props.

My mom made the photo booth backdrop for me - crepe paper.  Turned out SO cute!


It's true...I love him.  A LOT.

And below was the party entertainment.  I've had the best time looking back through these photo booth pictures. Seriously, cracking me up!  It was so much fun!

By this time the party was way over....but we couldn't pass up a photo booth opportunity!

I loved how everything turned out.  I had the best time planning, crafting, creating, etc..  But, I'm not gonna lie....a small part of me is glad it's over.  First birthdays are exhausting. :)


Amanda said...

Don't have enough room ont his comment block to tell you all of the thigns that I loved about Graham's 1st birthday party! It was all perfect, of course and I think turned out so well! LOVE the photo booth idea and really think that you should do that for every party! :) Love you all and it was so good to see everyone!!!

morgan823 said...

Love all the pictures!! You did a great job!

Kathy Jo said...

First birthday's are sooo fun!!! As always you outdid yourself!! It was all so wonderful and fun!! I especially love all the photobooth pics!!!! This is just one small reason why I love my family...we always have fun when we are together!!!

It was a great day and everything was perfect!!! Haley's pics are too cute and can't wait for you to share them on your blog!!

Much love to you all!!

Heather said...

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