Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer list

Since summer is officially over I thought I should wrap up this years summer list.  Lot of X's on there...only 3 things left undone.  Oh well, there's always next year!  But we had lots of fun this summer with all we did!

Really starting to feel like fall since college football is back in full swing.  My new burlap football wreath that I made during our craft night on our visit home.  Now if only we could get some cooler temps!

And in other totally random news, we painted our kitchen last weekend.  I love it.  It feels so much bigger and lighter and happier!  Although, Keith was very reluctant to paint it, I think he likes it.  And I really appreciate all his hard work!  I kept waiting to take the pic on a day/time when the kitchen was neat and there wasn't a messed up dish towel, something cooking, etc. and then I realized that time would never come so I just snapped one.

I didn't take a before picture because I would have bet my life I had one to use and this is the best I could find.  Please ignore all the junk.

Nice and bright. :)  And I'm wanting to order some canvas' for the walls....eventually.

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Kathy Jo said...

Love the kitchen...what room is next?? You and Keith work really well together!! Well, I think you can check fishing off YOUR list but maybe not the boys!!!

Much love to you all!!