Friday, October 26, 2012

down to business

The other night the boys were being particularly rowdy and I must have told Sawyer a thousand times to stop pushing Graham, to be sweet, don't hit, don't sit on Graham, etc., etc.   It wasn't that he was being mean.  In fact, the opposite.  He really wants to play with him and just doesn't understand that Graham isn't quite as big as him.  Although, one could argue that Graham is just as tough....thanks to many days like the above.

I made the comment I was about to lose my mind.  And then I said it...something along the lines of them being older (and at the moment my thinking was if that was the case I wouldn't be so worried with Graham getting hurt).  Instantly, I regretted it.  Even before Keith so kindly reminded me that in a couple of years Sawyer would still be older, bigger, able to do things Graham may not be able to do.

And I felt guilty about it all night....because childhood is so fleeting.  These days are flying by.  And I know as they get bigger so will my worries, stresses, grocery bills, etc.  And I never want to wish away the days.  Because these days I have a 2 year who loves to sleep in our bed, whose favorite song is "the wheels on the bus", and whose favorite game is hide and seek although he has yet to master the hide -- instead he just jumps out and shouts "rah" every time I finish counting to 10.  And a 1 year that is still a little wobbly on his feet, prefers his mama to carry him and still lets me rock him at night.  And they are only this exact age for this 1 day.
It's obviously always a goal for any mom to live in the moment and enjoy each day.  But I'm making a vow to try harder....especially as we are heading into the holiday season.  It's such a magical time of year and a memory making opportunity is around every corner and I'm going to take full advantage. 

I'm off to enjoy another adventure in motherhood this weekend....potty training!  Wish us luck!

I'm hoping to report back Monday with a success story!

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Kathy Jo said...

Oh sweet Tiff!!! Your words are so special...but not as special as you are being a mommy! You are such a wonderful mommy...your caring ways, your special planning and your loving arms! I pray you always remember these times with those precious boys because they do grow are preparing them now for the men they will be - husbands, fathers, friends.

I HAVE to comment on those pictures...I don't know if Sawyer will appreciate it if his future wife sees these but they are ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!!!! How does he know that its OK to take a book to the potty!!!??? :)

Much love to you all!!!