Monday, October 22, 2012

Graham || 14 months

Dear Graham,

You are now 14 months old and becoming so independent.  You are such an adorable, happy little guy.  And I am a sucker for your dark hair and blue eyes! 

You are walking so good and getting into everything.  You are definitely a climber (and a biter).  And you can throw a pretty good fit.  It is actually quite funny.  You will lay down and cry and thrash around if we take something from you or tell you no.  But you are also very snugly and loving!

You are one tough little brother.  Sawyer loves you so much and wants for you to be big so bad.  And he has yet to learn the concept of being gentle so you endure quite a bit of rough housing.  You guys can be so sweet one minute and literally rolling around wrestling the next.  But watching you two form a strong bond is so important to me.  My prayer is you two will be best friends and always protect each other!

You are a great eater.  You eat whatever we eat and lots of it!  Some of your favorites include: green beans, bananas, cheese crackers, graham crackers, spaghetti, cinnamon rolls and lots more.  And you love your whole milk.  You drink several cup fulls a day.  You also still nurse in the morning and night and for a few minutes a day you are transformed back into a baby!

You have 7 teeth - 4 on top and 3 on bottom.  You weigh around 23 lbs. and around 32 inches tall.  You are wearing mostly 18 month size clothes, size 3 shoes (you have little bitty feet) and size 4 diapers.

You have moved up into a new room at daycare.  And you now nap on a little cot and sit at a little table to eat.  It doesn't seem like you are big enough to do this but you were napping last week when I picked you up and seeing your little self on a cot was quite possibly the cutest thing ever!  You only take 1 nap a day - after lunch.  Sometimes on the weekend you will still take 2 naps.  It really just depends on what we have going on.

You go to bed between 7-8pm depending on what naps have been like that day.  And you wake up between 6:30-7:30am.  You are saying a few words but mostly just jibber jabber.

You love to be outside, just like your brother!  You love to play with cars, trucks and trains.  You want to do everything your big brother does and that usually means playing with whatever he is playing with.  You love to look at books.  And you love your lovey (blankie). 

You've had a tough go lately with ear infections.  Sooo, you are getting tubes tomorrow.  While I am a little anxious, I am mostly just glad you will get some relief!

It is such a joy and honor to be your mommy!  I am so thankful you are healthy and thriving.  And I am so blessed you are mine!

I love you, little brother!


Kathy Jo said...

He is so adorable!!! I just melt with that little smile of his!! You are growing too fast, little Graham!!

Much love!

BeLLa said...

Can't believe it's already been two months since yall were here for his 1st birthday. He is such a cutie pie and I have to agree I am in love with dark hair and blue eyes. He gets that awesome combo from his beautiful Mommy. Xo